Mommy hopes that we are still not too late to wish everyone a Happy "Horse" Year despite today is already the seventh day of the lunar new year. 

Our "一家四口" family portrait
 Actually nothing much to update on our Chinese New Year celebration as it was quite routine every year.  As usual after weeks of preparation and spring cleaning, we normally kick start the new year with a very scrumptious family reunion dinner prepared full heartedly by the grandparents on the Eve and will then followed by chitchatting, jokes and laughter, non-stop snacking on all those once a year cookies and putting on weight without realizing, taking family photos to show the growing not only in the number of family members but also our age and last but not least, watching our kids having so much fun with their cousins, nephews even pets (dogs) were priceless.  

Out of so many 'professional' shots taken by Daddy, Mommy selected only the following to share.

祝大家马力全开, 马到成功, 心想事成, 恭喜发财. 


  1. CNY is all about food and also catching up with relatives and friends whom we might only meet once a year ! haha

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