21 November 2013, Thursday

Same as previous years, there will be an overall progress report given to the parents before the year ended and below is the said report for this year which we received a day before the last day of school on 14 November 2013.  

Kit boy's Year 5 Progress Report

The following were remarks made by Kit boy's form teacher, Ms. Jace after coaching him throughout the year in Year 5.


Kit boy has steadily progressed in overall academics but need to improve on his English. In terms of Chinese, "他的华语掌握得好".


Kit boy has improved in paying attention. FINALLY :)


He is a happy, cheerful and caring child.  Besides, he is also playful and creative.


He is able to dance well during the school concert.  He loves dancing and singing.


Talented in art and craft.

Social Skills

He makes friends quickly, enjoys conversation with friends (ie. talkative)

Normally I don't expect much on this report, as long as there is no serious negative remark that needs my immediate attention, I am ok with it... anyway, he is only 5 years old.  Maybe I'll be more stringent when he comes to Primary 1.  Hence, I always remind him that next year will be his final honeymoon year in kindy and therefore, he should enjoy to the fullest.

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  1. Yea ...kiddy no need to exoect much . Primary one will only stsrt the headache :)


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