22 November 2013, Friday

This is one of the many back dated posts that Mommy is going to upload here slowly but surely one by one. 

Since six months back in May 2013, little Kit boy is no longer the 'little' one in our family (ie. the youngest) reason being his status has then been upgraded to a Big Brother after Mommy gave birth to Little Wai boy.  

Little Wai boy @ 4th Month

Now with his little brother around, not only that he has a very good and obedient (quietly listening to what he said) companion to play with but also added new responsibility as a Big Brother at home.  

During Mommy's maternity month, Kit boy was consistently being reminded that he is now a Big Brother and hence, he needs to behave like one; for example no jumping around in the house (in case he knocks the little one), no shouting in the house especially when 弟弟 is sleeping, no toys scattered around and etc. But despite all these reminders, Kit boy has never complain instead he is quite well behaved.  And this is all about love.  We all can see.... Kit boy loves his little brother very much.

Brothers' Love - Priceless!!

..when mommy is busy, Kit boy will help to entertain this little fella.

..when Wai boy cries, the Big Brother will dance and make him smile again.
..when is time for Wai boy to go to bed, Kit boy will follow to accompany his little brother (previously during weekends, Kit boy will insist to stay up late at night)

..when someone unknown / strangers who just wanted to touch his 弟弟, he will be the first to protest and say "NO, please don't touch my brother".

..when Kit boy comes back from school, the first person he looks for will be his little brother.

and the list goes on.

For more updates on Kit boy's little brother, please do feel free to drop by at Little Wai boy's blog.


  1. Love the photos of the 2 brothers together, cute!!

  2. Kit boy is such a good kor-kor! So heartwarming to see the brotherly love displayed :)

  3. Little Wai baby is SO cute, no wonder strangers want to touch him. And Kit boy is such a protective and good kor kor. You must be very proud!

  4. Little Wai boy is adorable. Kit boy is a good kor kor. No wonder u have been quiet for so long.

  5. Congrats to you on ur 2nd baby. And already 4th months.

  6. Congratulations!!!!! Your baby is so cute!

  7. Congrats to you and family :)
    Kit boy is really a very good big brother...keep it up :)


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