19 November 2013, Tuesday

Last weekend we were at Viva Home mainly for the Popular warehouse books clearance that started on Friday (Preview Day for Popular card members) and for those who have yet to go, it will be there until this weekend (24 November 2013).  

Books are sold at as low as RM5.00 and/or up to 90% of rebates/discount.  In terms of pricing, really worth buying but need to spend a little more time into hunting as some of the books are not in good condition.  

Mommy and Daddy went into the hall and go books hunting together with Kit boy while 婆婆 help to look after little Wai boy outside at the sitting area away from the crowd.  Despite we only started exploring the warehouse sales after dinner at about 8:30pm but still managed to grab the following books at extremely low price. 

Chinese story books @ RM5.00 each

A set of Chinese writing workbooks for Kit boy @ RM1.10 each

English story books with voice recorder @ RM5.00 each

A Chinese Encyclopedia @ RM8.00

Daddy's set of Master So (蘇民峰) Feng Shui Chapters @ RM5.00 each

Also Daddy's @ RM5.00
Overall, we spent less than RM80.00 within an hour.


  1. I love book fairs. This coming Dec, there is a bookfair at The Mines. Can't wait !

  2. Replies
    1. i love to grab books from either warehouse sales or book fair cos is definitely worth buying.


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