07 November 2013, Thursday

Weeks before the Festive of Light, Kit boy has already started asking whether Mommy has received any telephone call from Mitran's mother on the invitation to their open-house.  Mitran was Kit boy's classmate since the first day of school until Year 4 but had transferred back to his mother's own school effective this year (Year 5) and for the past two years, we have been visiting this friendly family during Deepavali. 

Hence, this year would not be exceptional too.  As expected, Mommy received a phone call from Mitran's mother on Thursday night, two days before the festival and without a second thought, we confirmed our attendance with her and told Kit boy the good news.

On the day, Kit boy woke up quite early in the morning and can't wait to go shopping for the gift to be given to Mitran later when we go to his house despite knowing what we are going to buy.  Since we need to do a  bit of shopping in the morning, Mommy suggested having our breakfast at Papparich so that we can then drop by at AEON Big which is situated just next to it.   

We reached home about noon and after we have got ourselves ready together with the nicely wrapped chocolate, off we depart for Mitran's house which is actually quite nearby, just a mere 10  minutes drive.  Daddy can't join us as he needs to take care of little Wai boy at home, only Mommy went with Kit boy.

Both the kids were so happy and delighted to see each other and really had a whole lot of fun. Meanwhile, Mommy fatten up herself with all those yummylicious traditional home-cooked Indian food and also desert prepared by Mitran's mother.

We stayed put at Mitran's house for almost 3 hours before Daddy came to pick us up for dinner at 6:00pm but still Kit boy was very reluctant to leave and kept saying that they can only meet once a year ....oh, sound so sad, right? But Mommy does promise him that as and when there is gathering like birthday celebration, we will definitely come again, not necessary must be only once a year.  :) 

Here's some beautiful shot taken for memories.


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  2. so syok to g visiting during deepavali

  3. Little Kit Boy has grown so much! You shd hv taken pix of the nice Deepavali goodies too :)

    1. wanted to...but too many people around, feel a little malu. :(

  4. Love the pictures of Kit boy and Mitran <3


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