We visited the first ever educational Brain Expo in Malaysia presented by MeadJohnson at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. 

Since Kit boy's school had declared Monday off as a replacement for Deepavali, we also took a day off to enjoy a long weekend break together and at the same time to clear off some of our leave balance before the year end. 

Kit boy actually had a quite fruitful weekend; besides this expo, he had also visited his ex-classmate, Mitran boy on Deepavali day during their open-house.  Both Mitran and his parents are very friendly people and this was actually the third consecutive year that we had visited them during this Festive of Light.  

Well, back to the Brain Expo, we reached KLCC at about 12:15pm and proceeded straight to the convention hall.  When we arrived at the hall, there aren't many people maybe because it was a weekday but Mommy finds it just nice and comfortable as she never likes crowded places with long Qs for everything.  Hence in less than an hour, Kit boy completed all the activities and even have extra time to spend in the ball pool that happens to be the last activity.

The Expo started off with a ride through the history of some of the geniuses like Sir Isaac Newton, a British mathematician who first to discover gravity.  Kit boy was introduced to GRAVITY for the very first time and Mommy was glad that he does understand the basic concept of it after we explained to him and also trying out the activity so called "An Apple to the Universe".

Followed by the ever famous Ludwig Van Beethoven, a musical genius with his sharp memory and also few more others including P. Ramlee, one of our Malaysian icon.

We then moved on to learn about the facts of human brain scientifically off which is obviously a little too hard for our boy at 5 to fully understand but anyhow, Mommy do try her best to explain.

Kit boy got all excited when we start walking through the mega-sized human brain with different states of activities for him to explore.

The Mega-Size Human Brain

In this section, Kit boy had a chance to see the size of his own brain from one of the activities.  Hahaha.. just joking but Kit boy does have the opportunity to touch and discover how a brain feels like.    

One of the fun activities for you to see your own brain.
Kit boy discovered how the brain feels

After we have explored the "Brain", Kit boy continued with all other fun activities before making a pit stop at the last section, the ball pool for a mere 20 minutes while Mommy and Daddy enjoyed the good taste of Enfa milk.

Kit boy was very busy seaching for the alphabets - D H A while enjoying in a pool of balls

We left KLCC at about 4:45pm after having our early dinner at Yuzu Japanese Restaurant. 

This would be the second event that we have participated so far this year after the OCBC Cycle Malaysia and we really had a fun the day out.

"Unlock the 4 traits of a genius - BETTER problem solving, SHARPER visual acuity, HIGHER intellectual development and FASTER language skills"

P/S:  Some of you might realized that this blog has been domain for more than a year since last September 2012 and this very long break was mainly due to HIM.  Anyhow, all the past events will be updated gradually as back-dated post together with the current one.  Stay tune for Little Kit boy.   

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