We started off our Day 2 in Damai Laut with a scrumptious buffet breakfast at The Garden Terrace in the resort.  Garden Terrace, the resort's coffee house which is enclosed with glass frames and is fully air-conditioned serves buffet meals from Asian to Western recipes.

Kit boy loves buffet style breakfast mainly because there are so many types of food and juices for him to choose from and as usual, he will wallop the cornflakes and buns with butter besides trying out all the juices.

Going to the beach for a walk to enjoy the morning breeze right after breakfast is what Mommy has earlier planned to do on the first-half of the day but Kit boy insisted going to the swimming pool instead despite knowing that he will be in the pool again later in the evening. But this time round, Daddy was his companion while Mommy became the photographer.  

Here are some of the memorable shots taken while both father and son were having fun in the swimming pool.

Next in our itinerary would be exploring the town and also looking out for good food particularly seafood and after a few roundings, we finally came to this Hailam Village Seafood restaurant in Sitiawan for our late lunch

Hailam Village Seafood
No. 9A, Jalan F
Kampung Acheh Baru
32000 Sitiawan, Perak
Tel: 016-6035084 / 012-5179393

and tried some of their signature dishes.

Crispy Oyster Egg @ RM12.00

Prawn serve with Three Taste Sauce @ RM23.00

Garlic Stir-fried Vegetables @ RM12.00

Steamed Grouper Fish (石斑鱼) @ RM60.00

Soft Shell Crabs with Oats @ RM28.00

Salted Egg Crab @ RM45.00

Boiled Thorn Snail (刺螺) @ RM8.00

Coconut @ RM5.00 each
Total spent for our lunch was RM215.50 and overall the food served here were quite good especially the prawn cooked in their special three taste sauce.  

It was almost 4:00pm when we got back to the resort and without wasting much time, we jumped into the swimming pool again to have our final round of splashing fun.  Mommy actually told Kit boy that we will be leaving for home tomorrow and no more swimming for him before we check-out mainly due to time constraint.

I find Kit boy has grown up so much in terms of thinking as compared to previous years when I told him no more swimming, for sure he will make a big fuss out of it but now, he seems to understand what I mean and when it was time to leave the swimming pool, we just need to call him once and my lovely boy will get out of the pool with a happy face while waiving goodbye to all his new friends, no more shouting, no more pulling, no more crying.

After taken a relaxing hot shower, Daddy drove us back to Hailam Village Seafood restaurant in Sitiawan for dinner but this time round instead of ala carte, we ordered their set dinner at RM99.00 for 4-6 pax that consists of the following dishes inclusive of dessert and also Chinese tea. 

Deep Fried Fish serve with Three Taste Sauce

Onion Omelette

Prawn serve in Rice Brewed Wine

Stir-fried Vegetables

Fried Beancurd with Crispy Biscuit

Fried Clams with Dried Chili and Spice

Mix Vegetables Soup
Daddy agreed with me that their dinner set is much more worth eating as compared to what we had order for lunch and all the dishes are very tasty too; even our little boy gave it a thumbs up.

We then went back straight to the resort after the scrumptious dinner and do some packing before calling off for the day.


  1. Oh, so those are called thorn snails. I've never eaten them and often wondered how they looked like inside. The set dinner is good value for money... so many dishes!

    1. Yes..despite the same restaurant but the dinner set is so much better than what we had for lunch.

  2. Aiyo how to eat that thorn snail? All your food pictures making me salivate.

    1. LOL..

      For the thorn snail, you will have to use a toothpicks to take out the meat. Actually not that easy and you definitely need practising. For the first time, I spent a good 2-3 minutes just to eat one :(

  3. Nice holiday...Good bonding times with daddy at the swimming pool there. The foods are making me drools.

    1. Normally Daddy hardly have the time to play with Kit boy at home mainly due to the hectic work and only during holidays that we can 100% enjoy ourselves.


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