After watching the whole parade show at Dataran Merdeka Live on TV, as usual, we went to pick up MIL before going for our breakfast but this time round, we proceed straight to Jusco Mahkota Cheras instead. 

Why?  It all started from a Notice that I came across while we were in Jusco Cheras Selatan last weekend.  It says that Molly Fantasy will be giving out flags for free to the first 100 kids on National Day. 

What is so special about this flag?  Nothing special actually but when I took a closer look at the picture of the flag, it caught my attention almost immediately because that particular flag reminds me of my childhood time. 

Can you see those candies? one that contains candies which is exactly the same that I used and loved to buy when I was a child. 

At that point in time, Kit boy was not with me but when I told him about it later, he seems to be very excited too.  And that clearly explained the reason why we were in Jusco so early in the morning. 

The minute Kit boy saw the big stack of flags that are still nicely wrapped in the plastic bag, he was all excited and smiling from ear to ear.  He bravely stepped forward to the counter and asked for a blue one.  But I was then told by the staff that we actually need to purchase some tokens in order for us to get the so called 'free' flag.  Since I have got two Molly Fantasy vouchers of Buy-5-Free-1 token from the BookFest @ Malaysia earlier, so I just utilized both the vouchers and keep the tokens for future use as I normally will limit Kit boy to only a few rides for each visit.

And here he goes walking out proudly holding the flag up high and kept saying 1Malaysia even when we were having our breakfast at Old Town.

Now...he is one happy little boy, throughout the whole day.


  1. Agreed with you! This flag reminds me of my childhood!

    1. That's why my hubby said that actually Mommy is the one who wanted the flag instead of Kit boy. :)

  2. this let me recall my childhood too!


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