I always like Kit boy to explore new places especially during long holiday breaks either school holidays or public holidays.  And last Saturday, on the Hari Raya eve, we brought Kit boy to one of his favourite place.... playground, but an indoor playground - YuKids Island in One Utama.

Kit boy @ the Main Entrance

I have heard about YuKids Island from quite a number of bloggers when they blogged about the place but have yet to explore until I came across a great deal from LivingSocial on their newest Crazy Jeep Bumper Car at RM18.00 for five rides and bought it last month.

Since daddy needed to work on that Saturday mainly due to lack of staffs, we went exploring this new place without him but of course we later came back with a full card of memorable shots.

As usual, we were out from the house pretty early despite knowing that the traffic will be very smooth due to the long holidays and reached One Utama before 10:00am.  We then made a pit stop at one of the makan store located at new wing to fill our empty stomach before heading to YuKids.  Kit boy was very excited and kept asking us to eat faster.

When we stepped into the indoor playground at 10:30am, Kit boy was the only kid around 'monopoly-ing' the whole place running from one corner to the other and trying on every soft play equipments.  While mommy starts photo shooting and chasing after the energetic fella from one corner to the other.  Fun.

About half-an-hour later, a couple with their lovely son joined us and since then, Kit boy had a greater time with his new playmate friend throughout the whole 3 odd hours.  We even had a few good rounds of bumper car ride which I redeemed using the LivingSocial voucher before we left YuKids at about 1:30pm for lunch at WongKok Char Chan Teng. 

Overall, we had a very wonderful time especially little Kit boy, having mommy sliding down the slide and catching balloons together with him.    

YuKids PlaySystem is a new concept of fun-filled indoor playgrounds suitable for the whole family.  This unique indoor playgrounds is built with bright and colourful soft play equipments which are clean and safe for kids of all age.  Parents will definitely have no worries allowing their beloved children to explore the place while watching them or even join them to have the greatest bonding time together.

YuKids Island
Lot S307, 2nd Floor
One Utama (New Wing)
Tel. No. 03-7732 3931

Entrance fees per day for 1 adult & 1 child
Weekday @ RM20.00
Weekend & Public Holiday @ RM28.00

Crazy Jeep Bumper Car @ RM8.00 per ride


  1. Long time have not seen Kit boy already. He has grown so tall already :)...

    ya sounds real fun place to be

    1. Yes, now seldom blog mainly due to time constraint but yet never failed to visit my friend's blog.

      YuKids is quite a nice place that every kids will love to go.

  2. This is Chloe's favourite place too (actually any play-land like this is her fav haha). I brought her to the one in The Curve cos I didn't know there's one in 1U.

    1. We have yet to explore the one in The Curve but I think the one in the Curve is much bigger.

  3. Kit boy is having a great time there!

  4. The place looks really fun and looks very much like Kids eWorld at Gardens. Kit Boy looks so grown up in the pix, so tall and so compact, like a 6YO boy :D

    1. yes..I also think that it looks like Kids eWorld but Kids eWorld has got more thing.
      (I have yet to explore Kids eWorld, but saw it from my friend's blog)

  5. Must check out this place one day. I love the bright colours! Your lil boy has grown taller!

    1. Kitty, it is a nice place for younger kids to explore. Maybe you can also look out for offer deal from sites like Groupon, iMart and etc. Sometimes they do have good deals.


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