Last year when Kit boy was in Year 3, he only went for one field trip organized by the school due to whatever reason but this year they managed to hold two fun-filled outings for the Year 4 students as scheduled and both were animals' related outings.  The first one was at the Rabbit Fun Land located in Semenyih and the recent one was Aquaria, KLCC.

This time round we went without Daddy as he needs to work.  Actually little Kit boy wanted and requested to go alone with his form teacher without us but Daddy insisted me to follow and after much 'negotiation' with this little fella, finally he 'allows' me to 'follow'.

As usual, we followed the time schedule as clearly stated in the Message book to parents and arrived in school 10 minutes before the briefing by the school principal. 

In the bus, I allowed Kit boy to sit with his friend instead of with me as agreed earlier and I, of course took the opportunity to mix around with other parents and had a good chatting time too throughout the half-an-hour journey.

We reached KLCC about 9:45am and all the kids were led to the park for snacking time before we went for our guided tour at 11:00am.

Having a good time with his classmate

Maybe because this is not the first time that we stepped into Aquaria, Kit boy seems to be quite familiar with the place and obediently following the group of 6 other classmates led by the form teacher throughout the whole tour right up to lunch break. And all I did was just watching him from behind and taking pictures. 

Group photo @ Entrance into the Tunnel

Kit boy & Mr. Diver after the feeding show

We left Aquaria at about 3:00pm after having the pre-packed McD for lunch at the auditorium and reached home before 4:00pm.  Despite nothing new to Kit boy but he seems to have enjoyed himself very much especially with his fellow classmates.     


  1. Looks like a great event for your boy!

    1. Oh..yes, it is indeed. Normally his kindy will organized at least one if not two of such outing that involved the parents which I find it very interesting too. Hence, never missed since my boy started schooling.

  2. Nice outing! Your lil boy is grown up now. No need mummy to follow to school trip :).

    1. Maybe next year outing (when he is 5), I'll allow him to go alone and let him has the opportunity to learn to be more independent. (will try to convince my hubby) :)


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