Restoran Yook Woo Hin (玉壶轩茶楼) located strategically in the China town will stop operating effective end of this month mainly because their shoplot will be demolished very soon for development purposes.

The Main Entrance of Restoran Yook Woo Hin
Specializing in dim sum, this restaurant has been around for many many years, even before my mother was born and hence, I believed that it will bring good memories to many patron, including my mother and parents-in-law who have frequented the place during their young time for the 'old style' of 'yum cha' that nowadays not many youngster will know how to enjoy it.

I actually quite like this type of old style of yum-cha and I don't mind waking up slightly earlier on a weekend morning once in a while joining a cheerfull group of old people for a Chinese traditional breakfast and enjoy all the yummylicious dim sum.

Knowing that this will be our last chance to eat all those hot and steaming dim sum from this ever famous restaurant in Petaling Street, Daddy decided to take all of us there including my mother and MIL for a 甜蜜的回忆.

And at the same time, Kit boy also had the opportunity to experience the same as his grandparents during their childhood time.  I did told him a little about this old restaurant which will be demolished very soon and Kit boy seems to understand and insisted to take some pictures too.

Kit boy and 婆婆 at the Main Entrance
We reached there at about 7:00am but the restaurant was already jam-packed with patron and poor Daddy together with Kit boy actually queued up for more than an hour for the dim sum.

Kit boy and Daddy Q-ing up patiently for the dim sum

A very busy morning for all the workers in Yook Woo Hin
Finally at 8:15am, both Daddy and little Kit boy came back with a tray full of various dim sum despite not many left. Emmm...delicious.  

Enjoying to the max
Some of the dim sum that Daddy managed to 'grab'

More pictures for memory.

Restoran Yook Woo Hin (玉壶轩茶楼)

No. 100, Jalan Petaling
50000 Kuala Lumpur


  1. Wah really so nice ar? 7am already jam packed!

    1. I think is quite depends on individual taste bug and to me, it is nice. But I think the huge crowd of patron is mainly bcos this restaurant will no longer be there after August.

  2. Replies
    1. If I'm still can remember well, it should be end of this month cos I have read the newspaper sometime ago.

  3. heard they going to tutup kedai liao.. any idea where they moving to? I like their food actually.. hopefully they will open back soon..

    1. No idea if they will continue business at some other places cos I dont see any Notice on their relocation.

      I personally don't think they will continue the business unless maybe someone bought it over cos firstly, I dont see any Notice on the relocation at this point in time and secondly, all of their workers' age is far due for retirement :)

  4. The dim sum is making my tummy rumble now!


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