During our recent visit to BookFest @ Malaysia at KLCC, Daddy bought a box of new game for Kit boy called Blokus by Mattel and this happens to be Kit boy's first board game.

At first, Mommy was a little hesitate to buy when Kit boy asked for it after playing at the exhibition booth together with some other kids reason being I am afraid that this little fella might not be able to follow the rules and regulations of the game but later Mommy was convinced by Daddy that we should give Kit boy the opportunity to learn and explore. 

The minute we stepped into the house, Kit boy started asking for his new board game but we only allows him to play after his shower later at night.

We started off by briefing Kit boy the rules and regulations, which means how to play the game correctly and insisted that he must follow the rules strictly.

Surprisingly this fella managed to digest and not only remember but also adhering to all the rules and regulations and able to complete his first round of game effortlessly by his own.

Kit boy placing the pieces carefully on the board for the first game

Mastering on it.
Kit boy seems to love this game very much and we have been playing it together with Daddy for the past few days.  Daddy even taught him some tactics to have better chance of winning the game and he actually won the game.

Kit boy learning new tactics from Daddy

Won the game with full satisfaction

Frankly, I have no regrets buying it as I personally love this game too.  It is interesting.

And here are the features of the game to share.
The Blokus Game

Blokus is a strategy game suitable for the whole family including kids above the age of five.  It consists of a board of 400 squares and total 84 pieces of different shapes in four different colours (21 pieces per colour group).

The Rules & Regulations (How to Play)

Each player chooses a color and places that set of 21 pieces in from of them and the order of play is as follows:  Blue, Yellow, Red and Green.

The first piece placed on the board by each and every player must cover the corner square.

Each new piece must touches at least one other piece of the same colour but ONLY at the corners and pieces of the same colour cannot be in contact along the edge. However, there are no restrictions on how pieces of diferent colours may contact each other.

Once a piece has been placed on the board, it cannot be moved or changed during subsequent turns.  And whoever managed to place all the pieces or the most number of pieces will win the game.


  1. haha, like his expression of winning!

    1. ya I like it too but definitely not the one when he lost. :)

  2. Yaya...I also like his expression of winning! This is an interesting game. I'm sure your boy loves it!

  3. BLOKUS? I was thinking what is that... Can really know how to play until I get one right? Looks interesting for a family game.

  4. Clever boy! It's not easy to win this game. We have one at home too but it's the "ciplak" version... a made in China imitation that looks exactly like this but very cheap only... less than RM20 hehe.

    1. wow..RM20/-, lagi worth buying. Game only, so not necessary must be original. Most important our kid understands and can learn to adhere to the rules and regulation of the game. Anyway, they will move on to other new games once they are bore with this.

      If I ever come across the imitation one, I will also get it and save some money for other things.

  5. Frankly, first time I've heard about this game. Interesting! Yeah and I like his 'winning' face. hehe.

    1. Hi Carolyn, first of all, thanks for dropping by my blog.

      Blokus, ya me too. I only came to know about this game during the recent bookfair when the colourful pieces caught my boy's attention.


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