Just a little update on the SCC programme that was started last month and for those of you who have forgotten what this SCC programme is or have missed out the earlier post, can always hop over HERE.

Back to the SCC programme, for the month of March 2012, Kit boy only secured a total of 180 coloured honey pots and hence has failed to meet the minimum requirement of 200 honey pots per month in order for him to become one of the Super Character Champions. 

And here's the result.

The programme card was returned to us for our custody after his form teacher has taken note of the total points and at the same time, we were also given a fresh card to work on for this month starting from 02 April 2012.

Frankly, with this programme, I can easily measure my boy's character and to monitor from there.  For example the month of March 2012, the beary programme card actually clearly shows that Kit boy needs to improve on Item No. 5 which is 'Honor my father and my mother, quick to obey and slow to talk back'. He is now always very demanding and very very reluctant to say 'yes' to whatever things that we asked him to do even though he will still do it after some got what I mean.  Of course I do understand that kids are kids and never expect immediate 'yes' or action from them but at least not that bad.

Next will be Item No. 8 - 'Homework time is happy time, no tears but complete all my work always with my best'.  I have been doing daily revision with him by going through the school text books and also doing some worksheets either from those workbooks that I bought for him or the DIY one and so far no issue except for his concentration.  He can hardly concentrate when doing his revision or maybe I should say he hardly 'sit still'.  He loves to move here move there and/or touch here touch there despite having me keep reminding him to sit probably and do only whatever he needs to do.

Meanwhile for Item No. 6 (Love one another and forgive my brother, sister and friends. Remember to share, try not to bully, argue and fight), the poor marking was because he has got no sibling at this point in time for me to measure him on this area and those few colour pots were actually based on the outings with friends and/or relatives.

I really hope that he will improve on the earlier two areas slowly but surely.


  1. it's a pretty good program there :) kids can be monitored more easily nowadays

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  2. yes..monitoring is much easier but how to improve it is another headache. :(

  3. I think all kids that age are like that. My 2 older girls were like that too last time. Now it's Cassandra's turn. She can never sit still whenever I ask her to do her homework. And she will never do things immediately when told to. She's becoming more and more difficult to manage now :((

  4. homework time is happy time indeed :P until now, i wont complain bout homework

  5. Kit Boy is doing very well! My boy is also the same, just can't sit still to do his homework. He usually takes 1/2 hour to do only one page!!

  6. Sigh...homework time is the most worrying time for me now. My boy needs to have 'mood' in order to complete his homework.

    All the best to your boy!

  7. For a 4-5YO child, I find that it is difficult to get them to sit down, concentrate and don't run about but just do homework or reading. My 4YO Cass cannot. Even my 7YO girl has trouble sitting down to do her homework!


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