One of the leading oral care products brand in the market, Colgate is now running a roadshow in 1 Utama inconjunction with the Oral Health Month 2012.  Many activities were being held thoughout the day and the main attraction will be their free dental check-up. 

For the dental check-up, I was required to register at the allocated counter by completing a very simple Entry Declaration form that took me less than a minute to do so.  Dental check-up for me?...No of course as I just had mine at the begining of this year.  Yes, you are totally right.....the registration is for my little man who has never seated on the dentist chair and today he will experience his first dental check-up.  Despite it was a very basic check-up since it's free, but I think is good enough.

I actually expected a very hard time getting him to go for this dental check-up but to my surprise, he has got no problem at all except for that bit of tension-look while waiting for his turn to go in.

See...he even followed exactly what the dentist asked him to do and the check-up was done in less than 5 minutes.

Besides free dental check-up, there are so many other interesting activities mainly for kids and as usual, this little explorer will never miss anything when comes to having fun.

And here are the samples that were given to us after the check-up except for the SpongeBob toothbrush and toothpaste that we bought at a promotional price.

To those who are interested to have a free dental check-up or joining in for some kind of oral care related activities can always hop over to 1 Utama for this Colgate Roadshow but better be quick as these group of professionals will only be there until tomorrow. 

However, if you really can't make it for this event, not to worry as you can still go for a free dental check-up at any of the participating dental clinics during this Oral Health Month from 01 April to 30 April 2012 but strictly by appointment only.  For more information and/or the list of dental clinics, just check it out over HERE or call their Consumer Affairs Toll Free No. at 1-800-883-918.


  1. ur kid is brave :) i remembered im phobic towards dentists until i turn 11!

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  2. I show this to my boy and wanted to prep him to go to 1U on sunday. He really chicken out :( Sigh. I wanted him to have his teeth check. Guess I have to wait for another time.

    1. Is ok...just give him sometime. I actually have this planning since last year also during the Oral Health Month and Kit boy chicken out too. So I try again this year and finally he made it.

  3. Replies
    1. :)...normally we can only go on weekend that's why always miss out those opening stuff.

  4. Kit Boy is so brave to have his dental check! Mine will definately run far far away from the dentist!

    1. Don't worry Kitty, this will take some time.


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