Kit boy's school has organized yet another educational and fun field trip to the Rabbit Fun Land today.

Rabbit Fun Land that located at Semenyih is the largest rabbit farm in Malaysia. It has been established for more than 20 years with total number of 30,000 rabbits, various breeds from different countries.

Back to our trip. As usual, we arrived at the school 5 minutes before the assembly starts at 8:30am and after all the briefing about the trip given by Ms. Fun, we started waiting patiently for the bus to arrive. However, due to certain miscommunication, the bus actually arrived only at 10:00am.

The journey took us about 35 minutes and we reached the destination at 10:35am. All the children were very excited the minute they saw those cute and lovely rabbits together with other farm animals. Let's go through the itinerary for the day trip.

#1. Meeting the Stars @ the Rabbit Farm Garden

The Stars are obviously all those cute bunnies. Certain number of rabbits are actually let running freely at the Rabbit Farm Garden whereby kids can experience feeding the rabbits, hugging, petting or pampering them.

As told by the tour guide who has led us throughout the whole farm tour, there are many species or breeds of rabbits and just to name a few, there are Lion Heads, New Zealand Whites, Angoras, Dwarfs, Dutch, Holland Loop Ears and etc. But we were only able to meet the following three common species for petting.

Besides, we were also given the opportunity to see those tiny little new born rabbits of a day old together with those of 10 days and also 14 days old babies. According to the farm tour guide, rabbits would give birth to 6-7 babies each time in 32 days.

#2. Rabbit Makeover Competition

After exploring the Rabbit Farm Garden, all the kids together with their parents were then asked to participate in a Rabbit Makeover competition whereby we were divided into few groups and to dress up the adorable rabbit with all the provided clothing and accessories. The group with the Best Dress Rabbit will win and being the lucky winner, we received a very lovely limited edition rabbit pen.

#3. Daily Cattle Milking & Calf Milking

We then proceed to the next itinerary which is the cattle milking and also calf milking. Not only we witnessed the whole process of cattle milking but also have a chance to try out the FRESH milk. Really FRESH from the 'factory'.

#4. Happy Meal Time & A Taste of Rabbit's Meat

#5. Petting Zone & Feeding Time

Other than the Stars of the farm, there are many other animals staying in the same community and Kit boy was able to play or touch and feed them one after another while learning about different animals in the farm ranging from ponies, horse, cow, goats and etc.

#6. Horse Show & Horse Riding

Nothing much on the horse show but the horse riding will definitely keep my boy entertained at just a small fee of RM3.00 per ride.

We left the farm at about 2:15pm and back to the school compound at 3:00pm as scheduled. Overall, it was quite fun especially to the kids having the opportunity to get really up close with so many farm animals together with their classmates. I believed all of them would have learned something new from today's trip and definitely will have much to talk about when they meet up again later in school after this short term break that starts from tomorrow.

Thanks to the school for organizing such interesting trip to enhance our kids' knowledge and to Rabbit Fun Land for the memorable gift.

Rabbit Fun Land
PT 133 & 144, Batu 26
Jalan Balau, Mukim Beranang, Selangor
Tel: 012-6362833

Business Hours: Wednesday to Sunday from 9:30am to 6:30pm


  1. Such a fun trip! I'll bet my Cassandra will love it too. She's almost the same age as your boy :)

  2. My son will love to visit this farm... We are planning a Malaysia trip for end of this year and looks like this place is a nice place to visit.

    1. Hi Zoe, firstly, thanks for dropping by. That is definitely a nice place for little kids to explore.

      Great to hear that you are coming over to Malaysia, shd you need any further info on Rabbit Fun Land, do feel free to drop me a line here.

  3. So much fun! You get to accompany him for field trip? At least you get to take some photos of him enjoying himself!

    1. Yes..only for Year 3 and Year 4 students.


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