Have not been attending any events since the last quarter of Year 2011 and yesterday we were in One Utama for the Friso Growing Up Together Days.

This event was proudly brought to us by Friso with its range of 'Golden' products - Frisomum Gold, Friso Gold 3 for the developing toddlers and last but not least, Friso Gold 4 for all the ever active preschoolers. These range of 'Golden' products are specially formulated with P2 Dual system which contains the Friso Synbiotic Agent, a combination of Prebiotics and Probiotics that help to fight the bad bacteria in our beloved little one's digestive system, hence building the body's natural resistance.

Back to the event. We reached the concourse area at about 2pm and the crowd was already there. As usual, we will have to register ourselves at the Registration Counter, collect the so called "Passport" together with a sachet of milk powder sample before we can actually start participating in those activities.

Since the queue for the 'Fly, Butterfly, Fly'/'Mad Monkeys' and the 'Lilypad Hop' was so long at that point in time, we decided to go for the 'Get Your Hands Dirty' section and got Kit boy's first self-made doodle badge that took him less than 5 minutes to complete.

Next, back to the long queue which was then much 'shorter' and after a mere 10 minutes of waiting, finally was our turned to walk into the interactive tunnel for the other games that were projected onto the wall or floor - started off with the 'Lilypad Hop' and followed by the 'Fly, Butterfly, Fly'.

Lastly, we went for the photo section. Something quite unique. After our picture was snapped, it actually appeared on the screen just like a normal colouring page whereby we can do the colouring ourselves but because there were too many people waiting in the queue, we were only allowed to design the background of the photo. And here's our masterpiece.

Overall, the activities were very funfilled especially the making of our own doodle badge and also the unique photograph that we took home together with other goodies.

We left the event area and made a pit stop at one of Daddy's favourite restaurants, Dragon-i Restaurant for their ever famous Shanghai meat dumpling (Xiao Loong Pao). Besides, we also ordered the following and had a scumptious late lunch before heading back to our home-sweet-home.

FRISO Growing Up Together Days will also be held at the following venue:
  • Sunway Pyramid from 09th March to 11th March 2012
  • AEON Bukit Indah from 13th March to 18th March 2012
  • Queensbay Mall from 05th April to 8th April 2012
Bring along a tin foil or barcode of either the Friso Gold 3 or Friso Gold 4 to redeem a special free gift for your little one


  1. Your boy is handsome dude! He seems to be very creative. Even the design for the badge is simple but it is colorful. What a nice drawing of mum and son. This kind event is great for funfilled family day and spent quality time together! If I have grandkids, I will surely bring them there too. Have a nice day!

    1. Quay Po Cooks, the badge was actually after some'touch-up' :P

      Thanks for dropping by and I have too visited your blog that has so many meaningful post loaded up.

      I truly can feel that you are such a tough and strong person and I'm really glad to know you.

  2. We went there too! It was an interesting event. We did the craft on hanging mobile. I like your doodle badge!

    1. I love to do the hanging mobile too but unfortunately we can only choose to do one and at that point in time, they are doing the doodle badge.

  3. We also went to the Friso event by chance. We just happened to be there on a weekday and decided to pop in after seeing how "empty" the place was, with the crew members idling around... hehe ;)

    The piggy buns are so cute!

    1. Maybe weekday lesser people but we went on Sunday, the crowd was there.

      Actually I prefer it to be more 'empty' as to avoid long Q, unfortunately being a FTWM, I can only make it on weekends.

  4. we went but didnt complete coz half way the boy was sick


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