This morning we attended little Kit boy's school concert cum graduation (for the Year 6 students) at the Civic Centre, MBPJ. Due to the limited number of tickets given by the school for each family, grandma and grandpa were unable to go with us. But I'm sure they will get to watch it later when we got a copy of the VCD.

Yesterday, Mommy not only found the entrance tickets to the concert in Kit boy's homework pouch but also a copy of the Information Booklet that clearly stated the drop off time and location of the students as they need to be at the hall a few hours before the show starts mainly for rehearsal purposes. And for Kit boy, we are suppose to drop him at 12:30pm. In the said booklet, it also listed the concert proper/agenda and the dismissal of the students after their performance. For Year 2011, the Graduation Concert was entitled "A Rainbow Nation", a tribute to Malaysia.

The traffic was quite smooth this morning and therefore we reached the Civic Centre at about 11:55am. However, Kit boy was not allowed to go in and we were advised to drop him off only at 12:30pm as scheduled and this is mainly to ensure that the flow is not interrupted.

Since Kit boy will be engaged in the concert for the whole day, Daddy suggested going for another round of 'makan' and drove us straight to the nearby A&W for some quick snacks.

While we were enjoying our favourite root beer float and hotdogs, it started to rain quite heavily. At 12:25pm, Daddy has to run in the rain to get his car and drove over to pick us up. Luckily the rain was not that heavy at that point in time and none of us got really wet.

This time round we reached the drop off point sharp at 12:30pm but because it was still raining, many cars were lining up taking turns to drop off their child while some parents were walking across the road very quickly carrying their little one. It seems a little messy but everything is still under control with the help of all the dedicated teachers together with the security guards assigned.

After Kit boy was escorted by his form teacher into the hall, Daddy drove over to the other side for a better car park and we then took a short nap in the car while waiting for the event to kick start at 3:00pm.

By 2:15pm, many parents, including ourselves, were already queuing up at the main entrance to the auditorium but the door only opens at 3:00pm instead of 2:30pm as scheduled reason being the kids were not ready.

A mere 15 minutes of slide shows on all the school activities being held for the past 10 months were projected on the big screen followed by some announcements made by the school principal before the official opening of the Graduation & Concert 2011.

The Agenda
  • Singing of 'Negaraku'
  • Awards Presentation - Year 6 Students
  • Performance - by Year 4 Students
  • Awards Presentation - Year 4 Students
  • Another Performance - by Year 4 Students
  • Performance - by Year 3 Students
  • Awards Presentation - Year 3 Students
  • Performance - by Year 5 Students
  • Awards Presentation - Year 5 Students
  • Performance - by Year 6 Students

And Kit boy was performing under the Year 3 category. Can you spot him?

Yes, he is the one who goes without the cap. This little fella just refused to wear the cap despite the teacher trying to put it on for him for a few times.

And the last performance by the Year 6 students.

The whole concert ended at 5:30pm, about 30 minutes earlier than the estimated time. I must say that this is another successful event held by the school and as a parent, I really appreciate it and would like to thank the principal together with the teachers for all their valuable time and efforts, not only organizing such meaningful event but also training our children full-heartedly.

Two thumbs up to all of you.


  1. mommy to chumsy:
    Ya...according to some parents who have attended the graduation cum concert for previous years, they said this time round was quite big scale.

    But to me, the most important is that the students will have an apportunity to experience stage performing.

  2. prince n princess mum:
    oh....all the kids are so cute, so adorable and so lovely.

  3. So fast your boy had his concert, my girls still have to wait till Novemeber.

  4. Sheoh Yan:
    I think most schools have it in November before the last school term break.

    So, you must be very excited and can't wait to see your girls performance in November.

  5. Such a grand and well-organized event. I'm sure both mummy and daddy were smiling from ear to ear to see Little Kit Boy perform on stage :) Chloe's concert will be held in the same venue too, this coming Saturday.

    Btw, thanks for dropping by my blog! :)

  6. ChloeRuoyi:
    You'r most welcome.

    I'm sure you must be very very excited and can't wait till this Saturday to see Chloe on stage.

    Believe me, you will be very impressed.


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