As at today, I believed many of you are aware of the current on-going Big Bad Wolf book sales that just started on last Friday (07 October 2011) till coming Sunday (16 October 2011) and this 10 days event is being held at the Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang (MAEPS) in Selangor.

Despite this is the forth time they hold such book sale since its inception in 2009 as stated in the newspaper recently, but this would be our second time visiting such mega book clearance sale with discount up to as high as 95%.

We went last Sunday (09 October 2011) and managed to grab the following books. Total spent RM175.00.

Happy little Kit boy posing with one of his favourite books bought from the Big Bad Wolf mega books sale.

And here is some figure facts about this Big Bad Wolf Books Sale extracted from the newspaper write-up just for record purposes.

  • Pillar-less hall at MAEPS measures 90,000 sq ft, which is the size of one and a half football fields

  • 1.5 million books will be on sale, which is 5 times the number of last year's event

  • 30 check out counters

  • 300 staffs to keep things smooth going

  • 500,000 expected visitors

  • 9,000 parking lots available

  • Ten of thousands of various titles of books for sale

  • Free shuttle bus


  1. uwawawawaw...everybody in blogsphere has gone to this sale except for me. i am so tempted. btw, good books you got there :D

  2. I missed this sale too!! Did you manage to find a parking space easily? Was it super crowded?

  3. mommy to chumsy:
    ooops....not too late. still can go. will be there until this Sunday.

  4. Health Freak Mommy:
    Still can go. The books sale will be there until this Sunday.

    I went on a Sunday, quite a lot of people but maybe because the place is big enough, you won't feel crowded. And when comes to parking, is not a problem too.

  5. MeRy: I wish I have a chance to go for a 2nd round to grab more books but unfortunately I'm fully tie up this coming weekend too. :(

  6. Wah, any book lover who go there to buy sure end up shiok-shiok! I am very sure everyone is very happy with their purchase. Me too...go until 3 times leh....hehehehe!

  7. Alice Phua:
    Yes yes... I saw your latest post updates. no wonder you say shiok shiok. hehehehe..

    So, going for the 4th time? If yes, let me know leh cos wanna tumpang you to get some books.

  8. Merryn:
    still can. the wolf will be there until this Sunday.

  9. Go on this sat or sun dont know still can grab books like yours?? I like your eyewonder books .

  10. Mummy Moon:
    Maybe you try to go on Sat, at least not on the last day cos the crowd on Sun is expected to be quite heavy.

    I'm sure they will replenish the stock. Happy buying!!


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