This is actually a backdated post.

Can't really remember the actual date but on one weekday morning during office hour, my boss happily passed me a CD and told me that the photographs taken during the wedding dinner are finally ready. No...not his wedding dinner but his beloved daughter, Stephanie Chan's wedding dinner that my whole family has attended on 20 August 2011.

About 30 minutes later, my boss called again and asked whether I have seen the photos. And I thought he needs it back urgently, so I just stop what I am doing, slot in the CD and started viewing the photographs one after another.

Suddenly this picture came out right in front of me. SURPRISE!!. My two darlings' beautiful shot. Precious.

I think this picture was taken by the photographer during the cocktail reception when I was busy helping my boss at the registration table before the dinner. That's why I were not aware about this.

And now, I totally understand my boss intention. Not that he needs the CD back urgently but he just wanted me to see my beautiful son and lovely husband. This will be the best father-and-son picture that we have at this point in time because ever since Kit boy started to walk confidently, taking picture of him is no longer an easy task. Not even when we carry him as he never stop moving.


  1. The photo is nice captured. Both your boys are looking good :)

  2. Mummy Moon: least both of them are looking at the camera.

  3. Tht's indeed a vibrant and beautiful pic!

  4. You have a very thoughtful boss. The picture is nice.

  5. Sheoh Yan:
    He is a very good boss. I have been working for him coming to 8 good years.

  6. prince n princess mum:
    Yes..I like it very much. Thanks to my boss.

  7. Nice shot. Do look out for photo contests... can submit and stand a chance to become the winner :)

  8. ChloeRuoyi:
    Oh...yes, you just reminded me. Will do will do. Thanks.


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