With a good night rest and healthy home-prepared breakfast, everyone was fully charged and ready to explore the Animal World Safari that houses more than 150 species of animal.

Once we have done with the packing up of our luggage, Daddy drove straight to the front office counter to check-out and returned the room key as we definitely will not have the time to do it later with so many interesting animal shows lining up one after another starting from 10:15am right up to 12:00 noon.

We entered into the Animal World Safari at about 10:10am, just nice to catch their first Elephant Show scheduled at 10:15am. Many people were already seated with majority students in groups.

All the audiences were greeted by 7-8 adorable elephants before the actual show starts at about 10:25am.

These huge but gentle mammals performed a variety of tricks including painting and also 'drama' acting.

The Elephant Show ended at about 10:50am and we were recommended to go for the tiger feeding session at 11:00am. We just followed the same crowd to the truck station and queue up for the 'cage' truck ride that will drive us into the Walk Thru Area to have a real close-up with the wildlife including those fiery big cats.

The road into the wildlife 'home' was really bumpy going up and down hills and it took us about 30 minutes to complete the whole adventurous ride.

After saying good bye to all those animals staying in the Walk Thru Area, it was then time to catch the next show...the Multi Animal Show at 11:20am.

We were actually 10 minutes late for the show and have missed the earlier part performed by the porcupine. I believed it must be very interesting too as the rest of the performers were all so cute and funny with their various tricks especially the smiling buffalo and the water diving monkey.

At 12:00pm sharp, we moved on for the Bird Show which is just next to the Multi Animal Show.

There were so many species of birds parading on the stage one after another performing their best tricks to attract the crowd. Parrots were not only singing Happy Birthday song, imitating other animal's sound including puppies, they even did art painting. Others like pigeons, the White-Bellied Sea Eagle and Jacko, the Great Hornbill who will swoop in from the trees and catch his food in mid-air have never failed to catch the audience attention too.

But the most magical moment was when the emcee announced that we will have a chance to go up close with the birds for a memorable photo shoot. The audience was actually urged to do a donation of RM10.00 minimum mainly for all these adorable creatures in the Animal World Safari and as an appreciation, the donor will be given a piece of art drawn by John the parrot.

For those who are keen to make the donation were asked to hold the dollar note as per demonstrated by the bird trainer and 'someone' specially delegated will come to get the money from us.

Sound so interesting and I believed it would be a very good experience for my little explorer. Immediately Daddy took out a RM10.00 note and got little Kit boy to hold it as the way shown. Just after waited for a while, a beautiful pure white parrot flew over from the stage right up to us and stood firmly on Kit boy's hand before picking up the RM10.00 note with its sharp peak effortlessly. All these happened so fast in less than a minute but luckily Daddy managed to capture a few shots of this memorable moment. And in return, we were given a masterpiece by Artist John.

However, maybe Kit boy is not so much into birds as compared to other bigger animals as he became quite restless after that and keep asking to go out even before the show ends. Lovely Daddy is always the one who sacrifice anything just to fulfill his boy's wish. Daddy volunteered to bring Kit boy out for a walk while Mommy stayed put together with grandma and 婆婆 until the show ends at about 12:30pm.

We then walked towards the exit to meet up with Daddy and upon reaching the main entrance, we saw both father and son happily enjoying a huge plate of fried chicken chop with crispy fries. Wow...looks really tempting and it tasted good too. We then ordered some coconut drinks for both grandma and 婆婆. We took a rest before saying good bye to the Animal World Safari.

After we left A' Famosa, instead of driving back to KL, Daddy took us to Malacca town for the ever famous chicken rice ball. We went to this Restoran Famosa Chicken Rice Ball located in Jonker Street for a late lunch.

Daddy commented that the rice ball is rather hard mainly because nowadays machines are being used to mould the rice ball instead of human hands. But of course, it is much cleaner and hygienic as compared to those years. Whatever it is, we had a stomach filling lunch that cost Daddy a round up of RM90.00 before departing for our home-sweet-home.

We arrived home at about 6:45pm and everybody was so exhausted especially Daddy after the long hours drive. Overall, this 2days/1night trip exploring A' Famosa in Malacca was quite fun, adventurous and full of excitement.

And last but not least, as usual, Mommy brought home the following souvenirs.

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