23 SEPT 2011, FRIDAY - 24 SEPT 2011, SATURDAY

We had a wonderful 2days/1night family trip to A'Famosa Resort Hotel in Malacca. Booking was actually made during the Matta fair which was held in PWTC, Kuala Lumpur last month at a very good package rate. Even the admission ticket to the Animal World Safari, Cowboy Town and also Water World were selling only at RM20.00 per person each. Instead of during the recent long holidays, we actually opt for an off-peak period to travel mainly to avoid the crowd and we just need to take a day off to have a more relaxing holiday with much lesser queuing ups.


Woke up quite early to do some final packing before waking up little Kit boy at about 7:40am. As planned, after picking up grandma, we proceed straight to McDonald for a 'Family Breakfast Box' together with a hot cup of premium roasted coffee before departing for Malacca.

We drove passed the border line into Malacca state at about 11.45am and reached our destination at 12.15pm. We then went straight to the Check-In counter trying our luck to see if we can go for an early check-in provided there are units available but unfortunately, the Front Office staff only allowed us to register and check-in was strictly after 4:00pm. After all the necessary procedures, we then meet up with a few of Daddy's friends at the Water World theme park entrance.

There were many heart stopping water slides in the Water World but Kit boy is too young to experience those. For his safety purposes, we only allows him to try out the Wave Pool, Family Raft Slide, the Arabian Village and of course, the Kid Adventure Pool. He enjoyed all of them particularly the Arabian Village and he was there most of the time.

We were under the hot sun in the theme park for more than 4 hours before going back to the Check-In counter to collect our room key at about 5:45pm.

We were allocated to Unit No. 1808 located at the 18th Floor of Tower 1. The unit was actually quite spacious with two Queen-size beds in a room and a very nice view of the golf course from the balcony. There is also a wet and dry kitchen but with no cooking utensils as guests are strictly not allow to do any cooking. However, we did brought some food from home like bread with jam, some 3-in-1 beverages, biscuits and also Maggie Mee cup.

At 7:00pm, after gathering with Daddy's friends who are also staying at the same floor, we then drove to the Cowboy Town that features a wide variety of outlets where entertainment is the name of the game such as restaurants, disco, beer garden, shopping village, pub, game centre, bowling alley, children theme park and funfair. But the most overwhelming would be the Carnival Show that has now became a nightly event in the A' Famosa Cowboy Town instead of a yearly-event starting from 8:30pm to 10:30pm daily.

While waiting for the Carnival Show to start, we made a pit stop at the Cowboy Town Kopitiam located just before the exit to have a quick dinner. Since we have taken (eaten) something earlier in our room, Daddy just ordered a plate each of their Chicken Fried Rice and Penang Fried Koey Teow together with 3 cans of carbonated drinks. The food served here is quite tasty but obviously much expensive.

By 8:30pm, we were already seated comfortably waiting for the excitement to roll in. After about 10 minutes, the Carnival Show started with a bang by the Red Indians performing the heady fire-blowing act. These brave warriors were blowing flames from their mouths and also fire-eating. But mainly due to the extremely loud sound system plus the totally blackout during the Red Indians Show, Kit boy was actually very restless, clinging tightly to his Daddy exactly like a koala bear and kept asking us to leave the place when everybody was so engrossed in the show. Luckily it was just for a mere 15 minutes before they lighted up the street again for the next performers.

With the lights on, this little fella feel much better and able to enjoy the rest of the show especially the Animal Parade with all the adorable elephants, camels, horses, orangutans, clowns, mascots, gorgeous dancers, colourful floats and many more.

Before the Carnival Show ends, audience was asked to do a countdown from 5 for the fireworks display. Wow...it was so near just right above us and it was really beautiful. It all lasted for a mere 10 minutes and the whole show ended at about 10:20pm.

After the show, we went for the antique car ride as requested by little Kit boy after Mommy has bought some souvenirs from the Shopping Village. It cost us RM10.00 per car ride. Including the driver, all six of us were squeezed into a nicely decorated antique car that took us around the Cowboy Town in less than 5 minutes. Very fun and our darling boy enjoy the most despite the fact that he is almost half into his dreamland.

We left A' Famosa Cowboy Town about 10:45pm and back to our room for a good night sleep.

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  1. so much fun. Hmm...saw an offer in one of the coupon thingy but didnt buy coz it not inclusive of the theme park admission


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