On 21 August 2011, while running through my long list of unread emails, I suddenly spotted an email from BonusLink and it gets my attention almost immediate. the whole range of exclusive Cars merchandise for Bonus point redemption and I know for sure my boy will loves it very very much especially those backpacks that he has always been asking for one. the right time to get this little fella some collections of Cars stuffs especially when Cars 2 will be on the big screen starting tomorrow. Furthermore, is FREE.

Since this has to be redeemed on-line, the process will be even much easier. Firstly, I will have to log-in by keying in my BonusLink card number and the password, of course, then goes to Highlight and select Redeem Cars Merchandise Now!. There are all sorts of very nice Cars merchandise especially the different types of bag but since Kit boy has already got a trolley bag from MeadJohnson during their Smart Camp, I decided to get him this backpack.
After I have selected the item, the next screen will show my points balance upon redemption.

And the moment I clicked on the button to redeem, a Confirmation Slip with my Redemption Reference number pops up almost instantly.

It is just as easy as ABC and I shall be expecting it in 2-4 weeks time. Just can't wait to receive Kit boy's first Lightning McQueen backpack and to see him smiling from ear to ear.

The following is my next target and just hope that I will be able accumulate enough points to redeem before 15 November 2011 or While Stocks Last.


  1. I have a bonus card too but seldom use.. i better keep it in my purse... the gifts look great!

  2. I have that card. Never redeemed. so many wasted points :(


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