These days Kit boy is quite into jigsaw puzzle despite this has already been introduced to him when he was two years old.

For the passed 2-3 weeks, he has been asking for his box of puzzle before going to bed and recently, he even challenged me to complete all the 8 puzzles in the box to see who is faster. And of course, I am more than happy to accept his 'challenge'.

Like for yesterday, as usual, I will let him choose his preferred set of puzzle first before we start (as there are altogether 3 boxes of puzzle that I have bought for him so far from Popular Bookstore which is the Insect, Transport and Ocean) and normally he will select the transportation set while I will get the other.

Once we are ready with our box of puzzle in front of us, he will then start doing it patiently one after another and when he was done with all the 8 puzzles before I, he will happily announced himself as the winner.

From here, I can really see that he has improved a lot when comes to puzzles game as compared to few months back. Besides, he has also improved on his hand-eye coordination skill too.

Hopefully he will continue to progress from here and just to motivate him further, I actually bought him another new set of jigsaw puzzle from Popular Bookstore - Yummy Fruits which is equally fun.


  1. Solving puzzle is a good game for your boy.

  2. Ya, ur boy so big d...Btw, I have the same puzzles game for my Calvin boy too.

  3. This is a brain teaser game for Kit boy, way to go!


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