When comes to doing crafty work or even his favourite hand printing, is still very much depends on his mood at that point of time despite he loves messing up with the colour paint. Normally I will be the one who 'call' for this session and quite seldom he will reject me.

But surprisingly yesterday HE ASKED FOR IT for the very first time. After picking him up from grandma's house and the minute we stepped into our house, he started asking for it. He was happily telling me that he wanted to do some painting and of course I will be more than happy to hear that.

Immediately I got the blue colour paint ready (he only requested for blue) together with the paint brush and a piece of art block for this little artist to start his masterpiece.

He started painting very patiently in the study room and after just a mere 15 minutes, dang dang dang dang....here is the masterpiece.....Blue Ocean.

Also for the very first time that this litte fella able to 'complete' painting the whole piece of art block without much empty spaces left. I think it is another achievement as he normally just scribbled and that's it.

Keep it up my boy.


  1. He must be a very patient boy! keep it up.. :)

  2. Keep up the good work Kit Boy! I won't allow my girls to do painting at home as it's just super duper messy!! I'll just let them do painting in school :D

  3. Wow, your boy is so perseverance, I reckon he needs at least 20- 30 mins to paint the drawing paper entirely blue! Way to go Kit boy!

  4. reanaclaire:
    hm...not really but very much depends on his mood actually.


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