We were in Sunway Pyramid last Sunday for the Enfagrow A+ Smart Camp for the very first time and I believed it was another successful event held by MeadJohnson.

We arrived at the event area at about 2:00pm and the whole concourse was crowded with parents queuing up patiently together with their kids to participate in the games. Without wasting much time, we joined in the line for the first game.....DHA EXPERT where Kit boy was asked to pick up 3 blue colour ping-pong size balls and place it on the allocated DHA board before adding the DHA to get the right formula. Kit boy was very excited especially when comes to 'balls' and in less than 30 seconds, he has already placed all the 3 blue balls on the board.

He was then given a Enfagrow A+ Observer Amazing Achievers booklet and was asked to complete the other three games in order for him to redeem the goodies.

Next was the HOT SPELL where Kit boy was asked to put out the fire by spelling out a simple word on the touch screen and his was E for Elephant.

After getting the sticker, we then moved on to the third game... the MUSIC MATCH. Firstly, Kit boy was asked to put on the headphone, listen to the music played and then select the right musical instrument by spinning the disc. No sweat.

And lastly was the SPACE WALK. All he needed to do is to look into the telescope to see whatever he wanted to see and run through the 'space walk' after that before jumping into a pool of balls...again.

Mission completed and after collected our goodies, we bought 3 tins of Enfagrow A+ at a promotional price and was entitled for a free trolley school bag for Kit boy. There were 3 different designs for us to choose from and Kit boy has chosen the spaceship.

Kit boy and his first trolley bag

And the goodies


  1. Oh..i went there too, but it was friday so the crowd was less. I dont like to go during weekend because it's difficult to find parking at Pyramid


  2. love the trolley bag. Kit getting more and more handsome by the day

  3. Ling:
    Ya...weekend is always very conggested.

  4. So many goodies and gifts. Very nice event.

  5. We were there on sunday, too!~

  6. I remember it was once held at 1U somewhere last year. Kit boy seems enjoyed the games/activities :-) The trolley bag is nice, can use it for traveling!


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