This was actually a back dated post. On 10 July 2011 (Saturday), we were all in the Stadium Badminton Cheras attending Kit boy's Sports Day. He was in the Blue Team and hence, all of us were dressed up in blue including 婆婆. See how supportive we are?

Not only Kit boy but all of us were very excited on that day. We woke up quite early in the morning to get ourselves prepared before departing from home at about 7:30am despite the fact that we only need to be there by 9:00am. We picked up grandma from my in-law's house and proceed straight to Taman Connaught for a scrumptious dim sum breakfast before going to the stadium which Daddy said is quite nearby.

We reached the stadium at 9:00am sharp and many students together with their parents were already waiting outside for further instruction from the teachers.

While we were there waiting, Kit boy already started warming-up by running here and there excitedly. He even ‘introduced’ some of his classmates to me as and when he bumped into them.

At about 9:30am, teachers started calling for the parents to queue up for the student's name tags and after collected the said tag, Kit boy was then escorted by his form teacher into the stadium while we too hurried up into the stadium for a 'strategic' place to do our cheering and of course, photo shooting.

Teachers were fully occupied making sure that all their students are inside the stadium while putting on the colour stripe for the kids based on the house-colour accordingly.

When all the students are ready, they kicked start the annual event with a grand marching by the students together with their form teachers.

Then followed by the singing of NegaraKu, pledging and also an opening speech given by the Headmistress.

Next was the Pompom Dance presented by the Year 6 students and they were marvelous.

Kit boy took part in the Pick 'em Keep 'em event and that was the first lining up on the sports program list. All he needs to do is to pick up those bean bags that were already placed inside the loop and put it into the basket one after another until he reached his team mate at the opposite side.

See…they are the Year 3 students waiting for their turn to compete with each other. Don’t you think they are cute?

Now my boy's turn. READY, 1....2....GO!!

Mission completed and his team (blue) has got the third placing. The excitement continues right up to the parent's game which we did not participate for this year.

And lastly was the awards presentation to all the winners before the official closing ceremony.

Here's my little explorer with his first bronze metal.

To my dearest darling, keep it up and we are all proud of you.


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