Last Saturday Daddy again went for his wine tasting with his friend and again I requested to be dropped at Mid Valley Shopping Centre as I need to redeem some vouchers at ToysRUs together with 婆婆 and of course our little explorer.

We reached the ever crowded shopping mall at about 3:30pm and proceed straight to KFC just for a quick lunch. Oh yes...for those of you who loves the collection of cars models, look out for their new limited edition of Mini Cooper collection. You can get it either at RM5.50 with every purchase of their new Ole Pocketful or at RM8.00 with any purchase at KFC. Altogether there are 6 designs and I have got the blue one for my boy at RM8.00 because I always preferred their fried chicken. For more information, can check it out HERE.

After filling up our stomach, I suggested making a pit stop at MPH bookstore before going to ToysRUs to redeem our gift voucher. While we are walking towards MPH, we heard some scary roaring sound and were getting nearer and nearer. Kit boy started to ask..."Mommy, what sound is that?". I have got no idea at that point of time but can always check it out and I believed there must be something interesting going on.

We walked further up and we saw this.

Yes... it was Castrol Malaysia. They were running a road show in Mid Valley promoting their Magnatec range of engine oil. According to them, the Start-up engine wear is just like a 'Monster' 'eating up' your car engine if it is not properly care off but with their Magnatec range of engine oil, it actually started protecting your car engine the moment you turn your key. The only lubricant that combines intelligent molecules that cling and bond to the metal surfaces in your engine, forming an extra layer that protects during start-up and beyond. Sounds really good and for those who loves your car, better move fast before it is too late.

During the road show, there were many interesting games and attractive prizes to be won but we did not participate in any of those due to time constraint except for this unique one where we were asked to challenge the 'Monster'.

Firstly, we were asked to stand inside a circle facing the big screen. We will then appeared on the screen where the 'Monster' came out and tried to get hold of us from behind but with just one drop of the Castrol Magnatec, we were fully protected from the 'Monster'. Quite interesting and all participants were given a copy of the photo after that for free. And here is ours. By the way, the roaring sound that we heard earlier was actually came from this 'Monster'.

We then proceeded to redeem our RM10.00 gift vouchers from ToysRUs before Daddy came to fetch us home at about 6:00pm.


  1. I saw this Castrol thingy too that day but just didnt bother to stop and find out what it was all about . hehe.. no monsters for me pls :P

  2. Merryn: were there too on Saturday? Aiya, din happen to bump into you again.

  3. Is this roadshow suitable for young kids?! Fighting monster, lol... really wish my girl's dream can be fullfill if we brough her there! I suppose the roadshow already ended last week?

  4. Alice Law:
    Actually nothing much, all we need to do is just stand there only and the screen itself will do the 'talking' before they snap our picture. And I'm not sure if the road show is still there.

    Btw, you mean your girl's dream is to fight the moster?

  5. LOL, she always want to be a heroin!

  6. interesting. We didn't go to Mid Valley recently or else we could to try out the fun Castrol thing :)

  7. Alice Law:
    Then you should be proud of her.

  8. Mommy to Chumsy:
    Ya... we just happened to be there.

  9. The photo is so cool. Gwen likes dinosaurs..I think she would love her pic to be taken with the dino..haha.

  10. Mummy Gwen:
    oh...I'm sure she will.


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