We were in Mines Malaysia International Exhibition & Convention Centre (MIECC) last weekend for their annual international book fair, READ Malaysia 2011. If you can remember, this would be my second time exploring this book fair. If not, check it out HERE.

However, this time round, I went alone well prepared with my empty rucksack and reached the exhibition hall at 11:00am sharp just to avoid the heavy traffic later on. No entrance fee, no registration required.

Started hunting the minute I stepped into the hall and to cut the story short, let’s scroll down and see what I have grabbed…. 100% all for my little explorer.

Books on craft

Sticker Books


Story Books

Cars Puzzle Book

After 5 hours of circling the same area with my backpack weighing at least 8kg and above, Daddy came to my ‘rescue’. Daddy came together with popo and of course Kit boy and joined me at about 4:30pm. After leaving behind all my ‘treasure’ in the car, we went back into the exhibition hall again and this time was Daddy’s turn to hunt for his stuff. As usual, Daddy only needs to make two pit stops to complete his treasure hunt which took him less than half-an-hour. I know what you guys are thinking….stop comparing, ok.

Kit boy was very fascinated too and even found something for himself besides what I have got for him.

We left MINES about 6:00pm and went for our dinner before we end the day. Very fruitful but I definitely need a shoulder massage after that.


  1. Soley chinese books only? but they look interesting especially the story books

  2. Yee Ling:
    Yea...those are all classical stories plus with 'han yu ping yin', so easier for me to read to my boy. (I'm a 1/2 banana actually)

  3. SmallKucing:
    No lah..where got as compared to your books collection. heheheheheh.

  4. All chinese books.....I am totally out for it as I am a banana...

  5. MeRy:
    Hehehehehe...I'm a banana too. But their (chinese) crafting books are good.

  6. WOW, so much loot! So how much in total did you spend?

  7. Health Freak Mommmy:
    Hm...about RM150-RM170. Some books are really cheap like the story books at RM2/- per book only.


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