If you happened to have attended any of the workshops on women’s health and/or pregnancy related topics organized by Pitterpatter.com.my, I begged you will just like me logging in to their website on and off just to check out for their next event. I have attended not once but twice of their events and this is what I will say when asked to comment……… VERY INFORMATIVE & WELL ORGANIZED. I came to know about Pitterpatter.com.my from a friend of mine who have attended their Tea Party held at Carcosa Seri Negara last year October 2010.

But for those who have yet to hear about it, here comes the opportunity as Pitterpatter.com.my will be organizing yet another educational workshop targeting to all mothers, ‘planning to-be’ mothers and of course, ‘going-to-be’ mothers titled ‘A JOURNEY THROUGH PREGNANCY & BEYOND’.

New couples who are planning to have a new ‘family-member’, the first topic, GETTING PREGNANT will definitely get you prepared both mentally and physically.

For those ‘going-to-be’ mommies, the next topic on PREGNANCY will provide the answer to all your queries and worries starting from dealing with the fetus development right up to after delivery. Husbands too play a very important role during this stage whereby they will also be briefed in this session on how to support their partner.

Finally talk on PARENTHOOD. I strongly believed that all mommies will agree with me that bringing up a child is not as easy as what we thought before giving birth. As I still could remember very clearly what my mom told me one day when we were chitchatting in the room. That time I was still on my confinement when she said this to me and I felt so touched.

"During my time when I gave birth to you, no one is there to give me any advice on how to take care of a newborn and I have to learn almost every single thing by myself if not from my mistakes. Do you know how painful it is seeing your little baby crying when you totally have got not idea what’s wrong with him/her and you just don’t know what to do with it? At that point of time, I really prayed hard to god hoping that someone will just pop up and give me some advice.”

I think nowadays we are so lucky having the opportunity to attend all these workshops whereby talks will be given by qualified professionals sharing with us their knowledge and also experience as compared to our grandmother's or even mother's time.

So, what are you mothers waiting for? Quickly grab this opportunity and register yourself for this coming 1-day fun-filled workshop which will be held on 26 JUNE 2011, SUNDAY at Sime Darby Convertion Centre starting from 9:00am to 6:00pm.

Besides, there will also be fashion shows for mother and child, demos on fitness, health and beauty and last but not least, goodies and lucky draws. Tea breaks and lunch will be served too.

For information, please log in to their website HERE.

See you there.


  1. Hello.. coming by to visit your post... can you drop me an email reanact(at)gmail.com

  2. reanaclaire:
    Of course can and already done. Thanks for dropping my blog.

  3. MeRy:
    I believed it will be another successful event by them.


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