13 JUNE 2011, MONDAY

Yesterday we were in Sunway Pyramid Shopping Centre as Mommy promised Kit boy that we will bring him to pay Lightning McQueen a visit. Yeah…..this cheeky red racing car will be on the big screen again this coming August 2011 and in view of this, he and his fellow dude, Mater is there meeting up with their die-hard fans and at the same time, promoting Cars2.

Kit boy was so excited the minute he sees these two ever famous characters and kept asking me to take pictures of them.

After all the photo shooting session, our next stop was the T&T Kidz Park and yesterday, our little explorer tried on something new together with Daddy...................the Bumper car. Daddy and son team went bumping from car to car and from one corner to the other. I just love to see how they enjoyed themselves on this bumper car, despite it cost me RM12.00 for that short few minutes per ride, it still worth it. Why? Just take a look at these photographs.....priceless.

Kit boy kept asking for more even after three rounds but luckily we still managed to pull him away without much hassle. And we then went for our early Father's Day celebration at Fong Lye Restaurant located at the lower ground floor that serves mainly Taiwanese cuisine. Since 婆婆 preferred oriental food, we went for this instead of western food.



  1. Alamak...that reminds me father's day is just around the corner.

    Ling @ www.inhouseling.com

  2. What a great day, my anak-anak love CARS a lot, was planning to bring thm to the event but unfortunately put off the plan since thy were not feeling well lately!

  3. Oh ur boy growing up d...like the last photo *smile* face. Fong Lye food must be awesome rite? If I have chance to go KL, must try that. So far, I've tried Xian Ding Wei at Queensbay Mall Penang...but not Fong Lye.

  4. Ling:
    Alamak...why Anonymous. Hehehheeheh..

    Hey..you don't tell me that you have forgotten about it. Still not too late. Actually I celebrated early.

  5. Alice Law:
    Oh...no more dy. But Cars2 will be on the big screen very soon, if not mistaken, should be on 25 August 2011.

  6. Angeline:
    Oh...yes..Xian Ding Wei. Another famous eating place in KL too. I've been there before. Ya..quite recommended.

    Friend, when come down to KL, dont only look for good food, look for me also...then we can meet meet and chat chat.

  7. Can't wait to watch CARS 2! :D
    From the trailer I saw, its looks great.

    Haven't been to Sunway yet. ;P

  8. JEMSEN:
    Ya..me too. The first one is very nice.

  9. I got the chance to try Fong Lye in my most recent trip to KL. The food is great. Thanks for the complement that you dropped in my blog.

  10. the CARS now is in Ikano pulaks.. cepat cepat go there pulaks :D hahahaha.. can see smurfs and all :P

  11. a fun way for some bonding :) Ashley tried the bumper car ride too but she went on it alone so the staff was kind enough to drive her around...hehehhee

  12. THanks for sharing about this Cars character display! I think my son will like to see this too! Do you know this display will be there until when?

    P/S: THanks for dropping by my blog. Have linked up your blog in my blogroll. Hope you'll do the same too. :-)

  13. Merryn:
    woooo...CARS is in Ikano but I'm going for the Smurfs now....hehehehe

  14. Mommy to Chumsy:
    ya...some staffs are really good but some just don't border whether you are alone or all 'crashed' into a ball.

  15. Alice Phua:
    Cars are no more in Sunway but heard from Merryn, they are now in Ikano.

    Thanks for adding me into your blogroll and I have added yours too.


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