Last Sunday morning, our little explorer finally stepped into the cinema for the very first time to watch Kung Fu Panda 2: The Kaboom of Doom at TGV, Jusco Cheras Selatan. Kit boy actually saw the preview of this animation movie and seems to be very keen to watch despite me telling him that we are going to watch it in a 'dark room'. So, we decided to proceed.

Initially we wanted to go for a night show on Saturday after we came back from the ParenThots event but tickets were all sold out. No, we did not pre-book the tickets on-line and that was a big mistake we made. Even Sunday's shows are quite fully booked. Luckily we still managed to get four tickets for the 11:15am show. Interesting......the seats was just the SECOND ROLL FROM THE BIG SCREEN. Maybe I will need a shoulder massage after that. So, the moral of the story is never under estimates cartoons especially when during school holidays and the most important is to PRE-BOOK YOUR SEATS ON-LINE.

Ok...back to the show. We arrived at Jusco Cheras Selatan quite early on Sunday morning, about an hour before the show starts and after queuing up for the limited edition of Kung Fu Panda TUMBO, we went to Popular bookstore to kill another half-an-hour. Daddy seems to be more excited that Kit boy and kept walking to and fro to check if we can enter the cinema. After a few rounds of checking, finally Daddy happily came back telling us is time for the show. Instead, I was a little worried.

Kit boy actually started crying the minute he stepped into the cinema and insisted to go out. I was like...OOOPS. Daddy suggested letting him to stay outside for a while since the show has not started and will try again before making any further decision. We have actually expected for this and worse come to worst, either Daddy or myself will have to miss the show.

After a mere few minutes, Kit boy seems to have warmed up and we then give it a second try. But this time, we waited until the panda came out on the big screen before bringing him in again. Surprisingly the minute he saw the main character of the animation, he willing to go in and take his seat with no more crying right up to the end of the show except for a few times when there were no fighting scenes, he will starts complaining again. (phew). At least we went through it for the first time without any waste of money.

But we will definitely come back again as for CARS 2 will be here very very soon in AUGUST 2011.


  1. i m looking foward for this movie...

  2. SmallKucing:
    Yes, I think so. Definitely will try again. Wish me luck.


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