Remember one of my posts about the Craft with ParenThots event on 28 May 2011? If you have not come across this, I'm afraid you have missed out the fun. But those who have gone to Tropicana City Mall last Saturday for the event or even just happened to be there, I believed that you must have enjoyed yourself very much doing various types of craft work together with your little one. And of course that includes me.

We arrived at the Main Atrium on the ground floor a few minutes before 11:00am and the queue was already pretty long. Why?.. Do we need to register before going in to the event area? No....people were actually queuing up for the goodies as there were 50 bags of goodies being given out at every hour.
Wow, just look at all those orange bags complimentary by Parenthots.

However, since the Q was already so long, we decided to go in first without the goodies and will try our luck again in the next hour. There were various types of on-going crafting activities whereby both the kid and parents can put their hands together and come out with not one, but maybe a few masterpieces. There were paper crafting, creative craft with recyclables, felt, t-shirt painting, clay and etc. Despite the crowd has yet to reach the peak at that point of time but seats were already fully occupied by children who can't wait to put their hands on and starts crafting especially at Crafty-Crafted with some even patiently waiting for a seat surrounding the long table. I actually told my mom, who went with me, when we were on the way here that I wanted to give my little support to this friend of mine but now seems like we will have to come back later to do it mainly because her 'business' was too good and no time to entertain me (Just joking, friend).

We moved on to the next...clay art. While looking on, this mother actually kind enough to offer Kit boy to share the seat with her son. Yes, all seats were fully occupied too. Kit boy was then given some clay of different colours and was asked to roll it into a few balls before constructing it into something else. Kit boy was very excited as this is his first time playing with clays and he started rolling it with full confidence. Despite the fact that after a mere 15 minutes and he is still rolling on the same piece of clay with nothing coming from there when others were done with something, but to me, is already an effort from him. Maybe I should start introducing Play Doh to him after this. We then proceed to others while 婆婆 offered her help to queue for the GOODIES.

We were running out of time as little Kit boy needs to be home for his afternoon nap but how can we leave before 'adopting' this cute dinosaur from Crafty-Crafted. As I did mentioned earlier HERE how much this little fella loves dinosaur and hence, even in a standing position, he still insisted to do the dino craft. Can you see how serious he is?

Ta Da......Here comes Kit boy posing with his masterpiece. Thanks Merryn. We all know how much efforts and preparation time that you have put in for this event.

Overall, I must say that this would be another successful event conducted by ParenThots. I always tried my very best not to miss out any of their events ever since I attended their ParenThots Family Day on 07 August last year. Bravo ParenThots, keep it up with more fun yet educating events.

This was actually our first time in Tropicana City Mall and while exploring the place, our explorer spotted this. Immediately, he asked for it. Of course I will never say no as I always tell my hubby that we should allow our boy to go for all this fun rides and admire how they enjoy themselves cos once they grow up, they will no longer 'qualified' for all this kiddy rides. Correct me if I'm wrong. Sorry diverted a little. let's see what he found:And last but not least, this are what we brought home after a half-day outing.

Dinosaur Craft by Crafty-Crafted
Nice goodies by Parenthots


  1. Cough cough.. I feel so bad that each time we met it's like Touch N Go. I never got the time to sit down and chat proper with you. But I think that time during the forum we managed to chat a little and this time, err... got oso lah eh?

    Sorry for not being able to provide your boy with a chair there.. kesian dia :(

    Nice dinosaur you got there. I like the colour :D

    Thanx for your continuous support!

  2. Merryn:
    You're most welcome. But I think I should be the one saying Thank You cos I have never see my boy so serious or concentrate in doing something even at home.

    Merryn, you know what my boy calls you when I later show him the photos.....Teacher.

    Is ok. We can always chat some other time.

  3. Whenever we go out, my kids don't have proper naps in the afternoon - only nap in the car, and then go to bed early that night :D

  4. Thanks for coming for our event. So glad you had fun and importantly your son was happy. Did he try out the other crafts?

    I feel it was too short and too crowded. If we do this again next year we'll change the format and have it for one day - more time and more space for specific crafts!

  5. oh this is so interesting. a very cute dinosaur he got there :D

  6. Health Freak Mommy:
    We always try to accommodate a nap time for Kit boy. Is either we go out early in the morning and come back for his afternoon nap or only goes out after his nap. But of course, is also depends on the outing. Sometimes when we have to be out for the whole day, then will have the same practice as yours.

  7. Brigitte:
    Firstly, thanks for dropping by my blog and secondly, you're most welcome.

    Other crafts? Not really mainly because this little fella needs to be home for his afternoon nap.

    Great to hear that you are planing to do it again next year. That's interesting.

    Definitely will give you the full support.

  8. Mommy to Chumsy:
    Yes, the dinosaur is very cute de. Must say thanks to Merryn. It's all her efforts. My boy only did the colouring.


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