Good news!! Happened to drop by ParenThots site this morning and came to know that ParenThots is organizing yet another interesting event...CRAFT WITH PARENTHOTS on 28 May 2011, Saturday at Tropicana City Mall Petaling Jaya, Main Atrium, Ground Floor starting from 11:00am right up to 2:00pm. All parents and kids are invited to join in various crafting activities. all about CRAFTING.

Among the craft activities are:

(1) Craft with recyclables by Crafty-Crafted
(2) Crafting with felt by SekociNorlie
(3) Quilling by Miyyah@ Kertas
(4) T-shirt painting by My Glass Cubicle; and
(5) Fondant crafts by WhipNWhisk

No registration is required. No fee to participate. Just only need the 3 hours from you to guide and see how your children will enjoy themselves. I strongly believed that this would be a great bonding opportunity for parents and children especially those who hardly find time to have such session with their kids at home.

Last but not least, of course there will be lots and lots of nice goodies to be grabbed.

So, never miss this opportunity and quickly jot this down in your organizer. And for further information, can log on to


  1. Hope those young mama-s will register their kids fast fast!

    1. Hi there, ParenThots to give parents a chance to win a whole bunch of organic products from its store in the Green Family Contest. See more information at:

  2. Claire:
    No registration is required. Just go only. Will you be going?

  3. Hey, that's very kind of you to share! I'll try to allocate some free time to stop by!^^ Hope to see you there too, giv me a 'Hi' if u saw me ya!

  4. Alice Law:
    ok ok...after that we go 'yam cha'.

  5. Maybe will bring my little toddler!

  6. Have fun ya. :) Happy Belated Mother's Day To You!

  7. Mummy Gwen:
    Happy Belated Mother's Day to You too!! :)

  8. Hi Jenny, thanks for dropping by.
    Sorry for not visiting your blog for quite some time, I am really tied up with something lately.

    Oh yea, thank you so much for your regards. My mom's condition now is getting better now and really hope the bone spurs pain would not strike once again.

    As for Sarah, she has really grown up so much, especially once she started schooling.
    Do you have the same feeling too towards Kit?

  9. Sarah's Daddy and Mommy:
    Is so good to hear that aunty's condition is getting much better. Please do send my regards to her.

    Yes, got the same feeling too. Despite is only a short few months since he started this Jan, I now find that he is more 'grown up' as you say, at least when I say 'no', he very less throw tantrum nowadays.


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