Ever since we stopped going to our parents-in-law's house for dinner almost one or two years ago, we have frequented a few nearby restaurants alternatively every Saturday and Sunday. Even little Kit boy is so used to it until he has his own 'preferred' table at some of these restaurants. Especially those restaurants that have fish tanks or aquarium, this little fella will always chose to sit near them. Yes, he loves fishes. Despite we have an aquarium at home, but yet he still can't take his eyes off those fishes in any restaurants.

Just recently during the Chinese New Year when we had our family dinner at Bao Bao Recipe Restaurant (寶寶飯店), I still remembered that Kit boy was making so much noise and insisted to sit at the table that was nearest to those fish tanks which was already occupied at that point of time. Daddy and I tried our very best to convince him but this little fella just refused to cooperate and continued to throw his tantrum uncontrollably until I have to carry him out to the lobby and of course, given him a good 'lesson'.

Since then, we have not patron to this restaurant until last Sunday and I actually told Daddy that if the said table is again occupied, we better move on to another place just to avoid any unnecessary embarrassment. The minute daddy off the car's engine, Kit boy actually said this to me..."...ah 妈咪, 快点进去霸位位, 我要看鱼鱼" and I was like..'huh?' but yet without a second thought, I actually walked pretty fast into the restaurant. Maybe it was still early and the restaurant was quite empty at that point of time, his wish was granted.

Can you see how excited and fascinated when he see those fishes?

And he was so happy smilling from ear to ear throughout the whole dinner.

Maybe in future, we should call to make a table reservation mainly for this priceless smile on his face. Precious!!

And last but not least, here are some of our favourite dishes. Emm...yummy.

Bao Bao Recipe Restaurant (寶寶飯店)
No. 22 & 22A, Jalan Temenggung 13/9,
Seksyen 9, Bandar Mahkota Cheras,
43200 Cheras, Selangor
Tel. No. 03-9010 5528


  1. Mmmm....the food sure look yummylicious. Wish i can eat them but i'm on a diet..uwawawawawawawawaw

  2. Oh dear, Lil kit boy "Tai Kor Zhai" already. Btw, the food looks yummy!

  3. Mommy To Chumsy:
    Nevermindlah...come on, eat first then only diet..ahahahahhaha

  4. Angeline:
    Ya..the food here really recommended especially their 'sang ha min'...yummylicious but slightly expensive. Once in a while is ok, but not everytime loh.

  5. Little Kit Boy's wish finally came true! So do you rear fishes at home since he enjoys seeing fishes so much? :-)

  6. Every time i see a child's smile, i really hope all the parents in the world can really bring up these children with good human value,then in the future there will be no murders, no rapes, no hatred, no war, no robbery and it will be wonderful world all because of all good parenting..

    kudos to you,,

  7. Dora:
    Oh..yes but just a small aquarium with some colourful fishes and Kit boy (together with Daddy) will feed the fishes every morning without fail.

  8. Eugene:
    Totally agree with you and I actually find that learning to become a good parent is even more challenging than studying in U with infinity 'new topics' almost everyday. :)

  9. Wah, love your boy's lovely smile... Cheras, not far from my place though, maybe can give it a try one day! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Hey, I have been to this restaurant 2 times the food there

    Posted in

  11. Alice Law:
    Ya ya..must try and must ajak me too so that we can meet up but make sure got to reserve table first..:P

  12. Pete: are really everywhere when comes to 'good food' huh. Yes.. I love the food there too.


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