I was all excited when came to know that Kit boy’s school will be organizing their first field trip for this year to Sunway WildLife Interactive Zoo just before the first term holiday starts. Without even a second thought, I confirmed our attendance by returning the reply slip together with the payment amounting to RM120.00 (for two pax) immediately to his form teacher on the next day.

Since then, I started to countdown and finally, here we come.

Woke up quite early just to get prepare and to ensure bringing all the necessary stuffs like snacks (snack will be provided but just in case), a bottle of water, an extra set of clothing for little Kit boy, umbrella, mosquito/insect repellent, Kit boy’s 臭臭 (pillow), wet tissues, small towel and etc. Actually children were asked to carry all those necessary things themselves in a light weight bag but I preferred to dump everything into my backpack instead of so many bags that might ended up I’m the only one carrying all the bags including my DSLR.

By 8:00am sharp, we said goodbye to 婆婆 and drove straight to the school hoping to get a good parking space nearby. Upon our arrival, we were greeted by teachers all in school t-shirts and there were already many students waiting at the playground together with their parents. Everyone seems to be very excited and can’t wait to enjoy the trip with their kids especially those first timer, like me. :)

Kit boy was of course very excited or maybe even more excited than some other kids as this is also his first experience boarding on to a bus.

Once everybody was seated in the bus, the Principal actually gave a very short introduction about the trip and then snacks were distributed to each and everyone including the parents.

We arrived at Sunway WildLife Interactive Zoo at about 10:15am and the weather was not good as it was raining. There were all together 4 different age groups of student, ie. Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6.

After waited for a short while, some teachers started distributing the entrance tickets to everybody while others will help the students to wear it on. And little Kit boy was so eager and almost can't wait to go in after Teacher Annie has put on the wrist band for him.
When everybody was ready, we kicked start our half-day tour around the zoo and we were actually led by a few dedicated staffs of Sunway WildLife Zoo throughout the whole journey.

On the tram.

Despite it was still raining but kids were let go freely running and chasing after those lovely rabbits. They even have a chance to feed the rabbits and this was the first time little Kit boy feeding an animal, besides 二姑姐's pet dog, Angelina. He or we had a great time.

About 1:30pm, teachers started to gather all students before we end the tour and while waiting for other groups to arrive, Mommy took the opportunity to visit one of the nearby souvenir shops. To me, a trip will never complete without bringing home a souvenir as remembrance.

Bought this for Kit boy and I believed that every time when he uses it, he will remember what he has seen or learned from his first field trip.

We then proceeded to Restoran Jumbo at Seri Kembangan for a scrumptious lunch before heading back to our home-sweet-home.

Very tiring especially handling this little explorer all by my own but we do had a great time together. Really looking forward for the next field trip in July 2011.


  1. Hi Jenny!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog and it was great seeing u @ the star ;)

    Kit boy is so cute!

  2. Nice trip! How I wish I can tag a long my girl's field trip but parents are not allow!>_<

  3. Glad that u both enjoyed the field trip. Luckily the rain didn't ruin the activities and mood too :-)

  4. i read in another blog about their kid going to the sunway zoo for school trip too. now i can't remember which blog. perhaps yours and her child are in the same school huh?


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