I am so happy that little Kit boy is learning more and more things in school nowadays. Almost every alternate day, he will bring home some craft or worksheets and I’m really fascinate to see what he has done and learn in school everyday. Sometimes I really can’t wait till we reached home before checking his school bag for all this excitement and will start asking him what he has done for the day even when we are on our way home. And of course, he will always be more than happy to show me, if any.

For today, he brought back a very nicely done hand puppet made out of paper bag. Just to ensure that he knows what he has learned in school, I purposely asked him what was that and he answered me loudly “Duck” and “D is for Duck” without a second thought. I am so proud of him and really hope that he will continue to progress from here.

Today’s Conversation

(The following conversation took place when little Kit boy insisted to follow me in the bathroom when I wanted to take my shower)

Mommy : 孩子, 你知道看人家洗澡是没有礼貌吗?
Kit boy : Em.. 妈咪, 我要看妈咪, Kit boy 怕妈咪会跌倒, 流血血.
Mommy : 如果妈咪跌倒, Kit boy 会怎样?
Kit boy : Kit boy 会救妈咪.


  1. Good to hear that! A lil at a time, I'm sure Lil Kit Boy will be a very smart boy!

  2. Came from Angeline's site, love that name Kit boy, i love to read family oriented blogs and i think yours is one of them... keep it up,, will be back

  3. ooooo.. i like the DUCK!!! nice! :D

  4. Merryn:
    But Kit boy prefers Donald. :P

  5. Angeline:
    I really really hope so. :)

  6. Eugene:
    Hi, first of all, thanks for dropping by. Ya, I just love to jot down every single things about my family, especially my boy, if I have the time but will always try.

    Visited your blog too. Wow...another interesting blog to follow up daily.

  7. HI, coming by to visit.. last time i remember learning D is for dog...
    By the way I came by via... My Diary blog (i think) hahaha...

  8. Irene:
    Thanks. But the credits should goes to his form teacher.

  9. Reanaclaire:
    Hi, first of all, thanks for dropping by. Yes, yes...me too. I think the most common one is D is for Dog but now our kids are learning more than a Dog.

  10. Wow... at the conversation, your kit boy is such a thoughtful and empathy boy! "Ru Zhi Ke Jiao!"

  11. Alice Law:
    (Hopefully) "Seng Ni Guai Yin"..


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