Little Kit boy started watching TV when he was about 6 months old when kiasu Mommy bought him his first set of educational DVDs, the Bee Smart Baby Vocabulary Builder series by Baby BumbleBee which consist of 5 Volumes. I still remember when Kit boy first explored to this 'magic box' with actions and sound, his facial expression was priceless...precious!

Many of my friends including my parents-in-law advised me not to do so (i.e, letting Kit boy to watch TV at such a young age) mainly because it is not good for a baby's eyes but to me, as long as I placed him far enough from the TV and not for too long hours, maybe half-an-hour a day, I think it should be fine. As I believed these type of educational DVDs do help babies to develop to a certain extend and true enough, very soon Kit boy started to recognize and re-act to things that he has seen on the screen before.

I was so excited over his re-action and immediately bought him his first Barney VCD titled 'More Barney Songs' but during that time, maybe he is still too young to understand, he shown no interest at all. As mentioned earlier here, this little fella started to fall in love with Barney only when he was about a year plus. And since then, his collections on Barney VCD/DVD started to grow.

Few months back, Mommy noticed that Kit boy not only enjoyed listening to the songs when watching his favourite Barney & Friends but also understands what's the story behind. Sometimes this little fella even repeats what Barney says to the kids in the show. Therefore, I think is time to move a step further and get him some Walt Disney or Warner Bros cartoons which contains interesting and meaningful stories. Can't really remember when Daddy bought him the Disney Pixar Cars but that was the first animation DVD that we played for him. Kit boy loves it very much especially Lightning McQueen and he even imitated the character by showing his tongue just like the cheeky McQueen.

Recently Mommy bought him another new DVD, 'Sammy's Adventures: The Secret Passage', thinking that Kit boy will likes it since he loves turtle so much.

At the very beginning when we first played this animation movie to him, he was all excited but when comes to the part where Sammy, the sea turtle was caught by a seagull after trying to get out from the hole where he hatched and struggled for his life, Kit boy started crying and not only once but almost every time when he saw Sammy is in trouble. Never know that this naughty fella can be so 感情丰富. And since then every time when I asked Kit boy if he wanna to watch Sammy again, he will say ..."...怕怕". Hopefully when he grows older, will understand that this is only a movie. By then, we can start our collection on Walt Disney cartoons and here are some of Mommy's favourite.

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