Some of my friends have actually started asking me why I have not been updating my blog for almost a month AGAIN after my earlier one-and-a-half month break in August/September 2010 due to busy work load. Well, the main reason was my poor little boy was diagnosed with Encysted Hydrocele which needs to undergo a minor surgery.

Let me just recalled what had happened for the past one month. Kit boy was first diagnosed with this problem during his routine check-up when he had his Hepatitis A vaccination on 02 October 2010. According to Dr. Yek, it is just a minor surgery which takes less than 15 minutes and he also named us a few of the paediatric surgeons from various hospitals but when asked who is more experience in terms of handling this type of surgery, he then recommended Dr. Goon Hong Kooi at Sime Darby Medical Centre (SDMC) located in Subang Jaya. Without much hesitation, Mommy and Daddy decided to go for Dr. Goon. Dr. Yek said that he will later issue us a Referral letter and once ready, his nurse will call us for collection.

We collected the said Referral letter on 08 October 2010 and immediately on the following Monday (11 October 2010), Mommy called up Dr. Goon's clinic and managed to fix our first appointment on Saturday (16 October 2010) morning. Mommy has actually planned to have the operation on the first week of November 2010 in-conjunction with the coming Deepavali holiday so that we can have a longer break to take care of Kit boy after the surgery; furthermore, 小姑姐's wedding is on 23 October 2010. However, Mommy's plan was distracted when we visited Dr. Shamsher Singh on 14 October 2010 mainly to obtain a referral letter from Poliklinik Pertama which is Daddy's company panel clinic in order for Daddy to submit the insurance claim later.

According to Dr. Shamsher Singh, Kit boy was having Hernia which is much more serious as compared to Encysted Hydrocele and we were advised not to delay anymore. Both Daddy and I were stunned and shocked after hearing what the doctor said. We were so worried till hardly slept for the whole night and immediately the next morning, we brought Kit boy to SDMC to see Dr. Goon, even a day before the appointment date.

We reached SDMC about 7:45am and waited for almost 2-3 hours for our turn to see the paediatric surgeon at about 10:30am. After just a very simple check-up, Dr. Goon confirmed that it is Encysted Hydrocele instead of Hernia. Dr. Goon said that actually both Hernia and Encysted Hydrocele are almost the same with the earlier one more serious that needs urgent operation and Dr. Goon also clearly explained to us what are the different between the two. Despite it is not as serious as described by Dr. Shamsher Singh, but it is also good not to delay and therefore, we decided to fix the appointment for surgery on 21 October 2010, the following Thursday at 10:30am.

On 21 October 2010, we reached SDMC about 8:00am and proceed straight to the Day-care Surgery division. After registration, we were asked to wait for our boy's name to be called. About 8:30am, Kit boy was asked to go in and since only one parent is allowed to be with him, Daddy went in together with Kit boy while Mommy waited patiently outside. The surgery started at about 9:00am. Yes, almost one-and-a-half hour earlier than the scheduled time and the whole process took less than half-an-hour. About 9:45am, Dr. Goon came out and told us that everything went smoothly and by another hour, our boy shall gained consciousness.

We left SDMC about 3:00pm after settling the bill and also submission of all the necessary documentation for insurance claims. Overall, Kit boy was very brave and well behaved according to Daddy and only cried a little after wake up due to the needle that was plastered onto his left hand as compared to other toddlers who kept crying. My little Kit boy, Mommy and Daddy is proud of you.

Medicine prescribed by Dr. Goon

On 30 October 2010, we went back to SDMC to remove the plaster and as at today, Kit boy seems to be fully recovered and was as active as before. However, we still need to go for another final check-up this coming Saturday.


  1. Oh dear, Pray hard for Kit boy- brave boy yah. First time for me hearing that ENCYSTED HYDROCELE. Hey thanks for sharing the info for all the mommies to take note here!

  2. Angeline: Thanks for the prayer. Ya..me too, first time came across this.

  3. Kit is a brave boy!!! I'm sorry to hear what he has to gone through, hope he is back to his usual self now!:)

    Keep well and have a nice day!

  4. Dr Goon is a well known paed surgeon. Baby C was supposed to have been operated by him too last year. I hope Kit is better now, take care..

  5. Alice Law: Ya...I'm very happy that Kit boy recovered quite fast and as at today, he is as active as before. But I'm still monitoring his food cos he still need to 'gai hao' for at least 60 days.

  6. Health Freak Mommy: Thanks. Kit boy is much better now. Ya...Dr. Goon is very helpful (when comes to insurance claim), friendly and professional. He has got lots of patients cos every time also got to wait quite long for our turn despite with appointment made.

  7. Brave boy!~ glad to hear he's active as before now...

  8. any side effects after the surgery?


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