Have not been updating my precious blog for almost one-and-a-half month since my last post on grandma's birthday dated 11 August 2010 and I believed that many of my blogger friends might be wondering where I have gone to. Well... I'm always around but solely due to work that I hardly have the time to do what I actually wanted to do. Anyway, finally everything is over and shall be back to the norm.

After such a long break, today, I would like to update some major events that happened during this one-and-a-half month and will kicked start with Kit boy's first visits to the ZOO.

On the first day of Hari Raya Puasa (10 September 2010, Friday), we actually visited Zoo Negara together with grandma, 叔叔, 婶婶, little Xin Ern and of course 婆婆. But because of 叔叔 has got to work for half a day despite it was a public holiday, we went there quite late in the afternoon. We reached Zoo Negara at about 4:15pm when other visitors seem to be leaving the place already, ok….at least we avoided the crowd. :P

To me, Zoo Negara is still the same with not much changes despite the fact that maybe nowadays there have more kiosks or booth selling souvenirs as compared to ten or twenty years ago. But for the two little fellas (Kit boy and little Xin Ern), of course it will be something new for them. Both of them were quite excited seeing so many animals in real especially Kit boy when he saw those colourful trams ferrying visitors around the zoo. He kept asking for a ride every time one passes us and of course we did ride on one just for him to explore.

Can you see how excited is he looking at those giant elephants?

We left Zoo Negara at about 5:30pm and went over to Mahkota Cheras for our dinner together before calling off for the day.


  1. Jenny...can i shout out loud ur name? Finally see u r bec in blog! Till now my son haven't experienced yet~Zoo. Even Taiping Zoo is so near...Hubb said is not hygiene for a young boy like him. Maybe later...But I'm happy u are here catch wif u next time ya!

  2. I was thinking to visit Zoo negara last yr during my KL trip,but at last, we cancel off the trip due to the far away journey.
    Then we changed our destination to Sunway Wildlife park.
    Next time,sure will visit Zoo Negara.

  3. We were in Zoo Negara LAST Raya :D

  4. Angeline: Ya...finally everything has ended quite smoothly. phew! and I'm definately can't wait to be back here.

    Taiping Zoo. My hubby always says that Taiping Zoo is for sure much nicer with more animals as compared to Zoo Negara here. And we actually planning to go one day, maybe during coming long school holiday break in December.

  5. MeRy: Sunway Wildlife park is also a nice place to visit too despite they do not have that many types of animals as compared to the zoo, but they have more other activities. I hv been there too somewhere last November.

  6. Merryn: Hahahaha...we all choose Raya to visit the Zoo.

  7. Dec to Taiping? good, if can we meet up ya


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