(2 Years, 4 Months, 2 Weeks & 3 Days)

What are kiddie rides? As stated in Wikipedia, kiddie rides are those coin-operated rides meant for small children which commonly appear in amusement parks, shopping malls, grocery shops and in some hotels too. When a coin or tokens which are now quite widely used is inserted into the coin-slot, it will entertains the rider with motion, depending on the type of kiddie ride. There are many types of kiddie rides: track rides, carousel rides, teeter totter rides, swing rides and the two most common types that we found here are the character and also base rides. These kiddie rides are normally have sounds, music and some even feature flashing lights.

And all kids love kiddie rides. Kit boy is no exceptional. Mommy still remembers that Kit boy was only about a year plus when we first put him on a kiddie ride, this little fella was so scare and clung on to me just like a koala bear. Only after a few attempts and kept telling him that there is nothing to be afraid off, he then allowed us to put him on the ride with one main condition.....it must not moved. And that was those days. Nowadays if he happens to spot any of these kiddie rides, I tell you, he will never let go, at least one ride. Mommy really can't remember when Kit boy started to have the courage to ride on them and eventually fall in love with it, but it should be middle of last year.

Even though he loves all kiddie rides, but definitely there are a few of his favourite whereby he will automatically asked for it during almost every weekends and we have never say no to his request. Reason being this is only a weekly affair and sooner or later when he grows up, he will no longer interested in all these kiddie rides. So, our 'philosophy' is to allow him to enjoy as much as he can during childhood.

Kit boy's favourite kiddie rides instead of those base types


  1. Prince n Princess Mum: You mean the base types of rides or the modern type, which is controlled by the remote?


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