Normally during weekends, we will relax at parent-in-law's house after having breakfast together and will stay put till late afternoon before going back home. And most of the time both Daddy and also little Kit boy will have their afternoon nap there too. But recently Kit boy seems to be quite cranky when we are at grandma's house during weekends maybe because he was already there for the past five days from Monday till Friday and that's why he preferred to be at home during our off days.

So nowadays during weekends and also public holidays, we will have got more time staying at home and Mommy thinks that this would be an opportunity to start introducing more craft activities to Kit boy especially when we hardly find time to do it on weekdays.

And we actually had a very good start on last Sunday morning playing with colours. Mommy bought this Crayola Washable Fingerpaints from Toys'R'Us using the gift vouchers that were redeemed from the accumulated points. It is very user friendly, no messiness, non toxic, is easy to wash-off and most important, able to keep our boy occupied. He was very excited maybe because this time round Mommy allowed him to do it all by his own while Mommy just sit and watch. Sometimes it is also good to allow our kids to explore certain things all by themselves instead of always under tight supervision and you will never know that the end results could be beyond your expectation cos kids are born to be creative.

(the two giant hand prints belong to Mommy during demonstration)

Crayola Washable Fingerpaints

Let kids experience the fun and freedom of fingerpaints, without the mess! Crayola® Washable Fingerpaints come in "no spill" bottles that allow adults to squeeze out just the right amount of paint.


  1. hhahaha...saw similar one at Little Prince blog. Very creative

  2. Smallkucing: I have read it in Little Prince blog too. Ya..nowadays all kids are very creative and sometimes beyond our expection.

  3. Its definitely a good activity for Kit.

    Sarah used to like painting a lot, but nowadays getting bored already.

  4. Sarah's Daddy and Mommy: Maybe you can introduce some crafty work to Sarah instead of plain painting...cos children get bored very easily.


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