09 JULY 2010, FRIDAY

Thanks to Joanne for passing on this lovely award to me. Why do I say that this is a lovely award, first of all, it was given by a lovely person and secondly, thru this award, we will know each other better and feel closer.

Upon accepting the Versatile Blogger Award, I will have to fulfill the following requirement.

  • List 7 random things about yourself

  • Share the award with up to 15 other bloggers

  • Link to each of the recipients and let them know they've won via comments on their blogs

  • Thank and bring the love back to the person you won the award from by linking back to them.

And here are the 7 random things about myself.

1. I met my lovely hubby during one of the Chinese New Year at my cousin's house when he was there together with a group of colleagues. My cousin brother then introduced me to him and we even went out for group and our relationship grew from there. For your information, he is my first love and we were together for almost 10 years before decided to tie the knot.

2. I had a miscarriage in Year 2007 during the first semester, approximately one-and-a half year before I gave birth to my little boy and that's making Kit boy more precious to me.

3. I have been working as a confidential secretary for the past 17 years in altogether 4 companies with the longest service in the current one; coming to 7 years serving my current boss.

4. I love learning and doing new things. Before I gave birth to my boy, I used to sign up for various courses/classes every year from learning Japanese language to ballroom dancing and even nail art. But hardly have the time to do all this now except for attending parenting talks or seminars and kids events.

5. I also love baking especially cakes and I think my best 'masterpiece' would be banana cake and cheese cake because this are the only two that my hubby will eat :P, others will all be back to my own tummy.

6. I used to have a pen-pal from Africa but unfortunately after 2-3 years of communicating with him via letters (during my secondary school time, still no email yet), he decided to come over to Malaysia and to settle down with me...OMG! What does he mean? And of course the minute I finished reading that particular letter from him, I decided to STOP HAVING MALE PEN PAL ANYMORE.

7. Most of my hobbies are related to collection besides the main one...travelling. I do collect stamps especially First Day Covers, stickers (last time, now no more..maybe should start again for my boy) , key chains, fridge magnets and etc...and my house is actually full of everything now.

Last but not least, I will have to pass on this lovely award to my blogger friends but because most of you have already been tagged earlier, so I will only tag a few more instead of 15 as required.

(1) Angeline

(2) Celine

(3) Dora

(4) Doreen

(5) Emily

(6) Mommy Ling

(7) Alice Law

(8) Nicole

(9) Su Har

(10) Irene

For those who have read this post and find it interesting, can always grab this lovely award from here.


  1. for 10 yrs..tat's pretty long !! For me, only dating for 3.5yrs & I stil miss the dating moments.

  2. MeRy: time is always the best.

  3. Thanks for the award dear. Have done it.

  4. Mommy Ling: You're welcome. Hope you enjoy it.

  5. first time on your blog.... Enjoyed reading some wonderful things about you... especially the pen pal episode... :)

  6. Congrats on your award. Wah, you used to be very active.

  7. Jaanvi: First of all, thanks for visiting my blog. Yes..I always love to have a lot of friends especially those from other parts of the world but of course not until that extend which sound a little scary to me.

  8. Pete: Yea...used to be but now preferred to spend more time with my boy and family.

  9. Thx for the award & great to learn new things to upgrade ourselves constantly (if time permits of course). I believe life is about learning + enjoy but must earn 1st :-)

  10. Thanks for the award, I'd love to paste it on my blog!^-^

    Please have a wonderful week ahead!
    p/s: Nice stories!

  11. Dora: Yes, I'm totally agree with you and we should enjoy learning from each other too.

  12. Alice Law: You're welcome and hope you'll enjoy it.

  13. Hey, many thnx to you dear. Will share the award among my bloggers fren....muacks!!!

  14. tq for the tag
    wow... u & huby long love...b4 marry.

    my hobby also collection... sometimes, parent / huby say i keep "rubbish" keke...

  15. Angeline: You're welcome and hope you'll enjoy it.

  16. Nicole: You're welcome. Hope you'll enjoy it. Hahahaha....ya ya, that's what my hubby says also... he always asked why I like to keep everything except for money :P

  17. Wah... the penpal!! what does he mean to come Malysia to settle down with you? If i were you, I will stop replying him also... so scary!

  18. I commented earlier but it didn't appear..oops.

    Oh you are a collector huh..hehe. I wonder where you keep them. :P Oh..must be really careful with this social networking stuff..lots of bad ppl out there.

  19. Serene: Ya...that's what I did. Never reply and ignored all his letter since then. Ya..very scary.

  20. Mummy Gwen: Yeah..but my hubby always says I collect 'rubbish'. Normally I'll buy albums for stamps, stickers and for magnets, are all on my fridge. Meanwhile keychains, I kept it in those nice nice mooncake boxes...hehehehe

  21. Hi Jenny, thanks for completing the tag.
    It is nice to read the random things of yours.

    Your penpal very dahsyat, wanna come to M'sia and marry you.

    I knew my husband only 3 years and later married lor. So as compared as you, I am super fast in "confirming" my husband as my lifetime partner, hehe.

  22. Sarah's Daddy and Mommy: You are most welcome. Instead, I should be the one to say thanks for such a lovely tag that you have given to me.

    Yaloh..since then, never dare to have pen pal joh.

    I think long or short doesn't matter, most important is the understanding between you and your love one. :P


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