Mommy came across this Healthy Mum, Healthy Child Forum in the July's issue of Parenthood magazine who is also one of the main organizer for this forum besides Friso Mum Gold by Dutch Lady. Without a second thought, Mommy called Ms. Ho of Parenthood the next working day to register for this forum and made a payment of RM20.00 on the following day. I'm sure some of you might be guessing if I'm pregnant because this forum was actually targeting those expecting mommies but I can assure you that at this point of time, the answer is no; instead it was mainly due to my cousin sister who happens to be one of the speaker in the forum and I'm there to support her.

There were altogether 4 speakers giving talks on different topics within the 5 hours session starting from 1:00pm to 6:00pm. Mommy arrived at the seminar hall quite early at about 12:20pm and proceeds straight to the registration counter. For those who have got no idea where this Swan Convention Centre is, it is actually located inside the Sunway Medical Centre at the 4th Floor.

The forum kicked start with the first speaker, Datin Farah DiBa Khan. She is the Chief Dietician & Head of Lifestyle Modification Centre in Prince Court Medical Centre and her topic for the day was on nutrition guidelines titled "From Diapers to the First Year of Life". Her topic covers a mother's diet during lactation, the various steps of baby food, ways of introducing solid and what complementary food is.

The second speaker was Dr. Wong Pak Seng, Consultant Obstetrician, Gynaecologist and Fertility Specialist talking on "Journey into Motherhood". After his session, I believed that majority of the attendees would have a very clear picture of what motherhood is and what to expect.

We then adjourned for a mere 35 minutes high tea break at the foyer before continued with the next topic on newborn babies presented by Dr. Eric Lee Kim Hor, a Consultant Paediatrician, titled "A Picture Paints a Thousand Words". From his slides, we could see the picture of babies with all different types of birthmarks, allergies signs and also symptoms of various infections that mommies should be aware off.

And last but not least, the final topic was on Pregnancy Nutrition presented by Ms. Loo Mei Fong, a Nutritionist. In her talk, I believed she has answered many expecting mommies queries in terms of what to eat, how much to consume and also the most important, what to avoid during pregnancy that might cause harm to the little ones.

After all the experienced speakers have given their valuable advice, the next in the agenda was the lucky draw session. There were a total of 30 attractive lucky draw prizes to be won by the participants but unfortunately, Mommy was not one of them for this time round. However, I would like to congratulate those who have returned home with the great prizes. Before end of the event, we were asked to complete a copy of the survey form in order for us to collect the goody bag from the registration counter.

Personally, I think that overall the forum was quite successful and really have learned a lot from these speakers. Meanwhile, I also have a great time meeting up and chatting with my 表妹. Therefore, would like to thank both Parenthood and Friso Mum Gold by Dutch Lady for organizing such a meaningful public forum. Definitely will never hesitate to attend again especially with the following goodies. And also not forgetting to thank my lovely hubby for being my 'chauffeur'.

Items in the goody bag
Free mug for joining Friso Mum Gold club

Daddy came to pick up Mommy at about 6:10pm and we then proceed for our dinner at Restoran Cerana in Cheras. The ambience of this restaurant was quite unique as claimed to be the biggest floating restaurant in town that set in a captivating forest ambience with soothing sounds of waterfalls. Kit boy was very excited seeing those mini size waterfalls and kept running here and there. In terms of food, they do served Malay, Chinese and also Thai style seafood dishes but we only ordered a grilled sting ray, tomyam seafood, fried sotong, a steamed fish and a plate of sizzling tauhu. To rate the food, I will give it a 2 star. No picture was taken because Mommy's camera was out of battery at that point of time.

After dinner, we continued with shopping at Carrefour and also Jusco before going back to our home-sweet-home.

Restoran Cerana
Batu 7, Lebuhraya Cheras Kajang
43200 Cheras
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel: 03-90803715
Fax: 03-90749672
Business Hours: 5:00pm - 1:00am


  1. aisay..not photos of the food ah?

  2. Smallkucing: no battery joh..:(. But the food so so only nia, just the ambience is quite nice with sounds of waterfall.


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