18 JULY 2010, SUNDAY

Yesterday Daddy decided to visit the Putrajaya Flower & Garden Festival 2010 or better known as FLORIA 2010 which was held at the Waterfront, Precinct 2 in Putrajaya for the third time after succeeded in Year 2007 and Year 2009. Themed “Tropical Splendour”, FLORIA 2010 showcased the biggest collection of Heliconias in full bloom in an outdoor theme garden display from 10 July to 18 July 2010 (Admission Free).

We arrived at Precinct 2, Putrajaya about 2:00pm together with 叔叔, grandma and of course, little Xin Ern but because it was raining quite heavily at that point of time, we actually waited in the car for a mere 15 minutes before walking in to the event area.

Mommy took a few 'close-up' shots of Kit boy while waiting for the rain to stop.

The minute we stepped into the 'garden', all of us were so excited seeing those colourful flowers and now I will just let the photos to do the talking.

Mommy's favourite...Outdoor Theme Garden

More flowers

Daddy's favourite....bonzai

婆婆's favourite...orchids
And Kit boy's favourite,
Indoor International Entries


  1. finally saw your face, Jenny :D

    Lovely bonsai. Your son sure love the place :D

  2. Hey..you went to the festival too. Read from other mummies' blogs bout this festival too. Your pics are really nice. Kit Boy is so adorable. :) I think he looks like you.

  3. Smallkucing: ya..normally I'm the photographer, that's why not many photo of me and Kit boy.

  4. Mummy Gwen: Ya...hv missed it the previous years and this was the first time visiting this floral event and was amazing.

  5. Aiyaa...if i know about this event earlier..i will bring my gals there...

  6. Mommy Ling: Is ok, there will be more interesting event coming up especially towards the 2nd half of the year.

  7. Very nice flowers... nice photo! Kit boy is so handsome, love the close-up shot of him!

  8. Serene: Those close-up pic were actually taken right after he woke up from his nap in the car.

  9. Agreed with Serene, Kit is handsome.

    Your husband is a bonzai lover?
    I am sure your hse has a very nice garden.

  10. Sarah's Daddy and Mommy: Bonzai lover? He like to see only nia..we don't even have a single pot of bonzai in our house. Garden? No lah...we lived in teres house, no garden leh... a few pots of dying 'money' plant yes lah.hehheeh


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