19 JULY 2010, MONDAY

At 12.50kg - measurement was taken during Kit boy's recent visit to Dr. Yek on 16 July 2010 (last Friday) when he was having high fever due to virus infection.

Haven’t measured yet, but he seems to be able to reach more things now. However, last measurement taken was around 92cm.

Still have not got the courage to put my finger in his mouth to do the counting but there are at least 16-18 and more to come cause he still salivating a lot.

Motor Skills
  • Definitely with more jumping nowadays especially on the sofa and bed.
  • Able to 'drive' his MyDear push-car at home pretty fast with all the 'F1 drivers cornering skill' but when comes to his tricycle, he yet to know how to cycle despite his legs are long enough to reach the pedals but still pushing it to move.
  • Walking up and down the stairs quite steadily all by his own (however, 'kiasi' mommy still insisted someone to be there with him either he is going up or coming down from the stairs, just in case).
Communication & Social Skills
Still not many words that he can pronounced which Mommy thinks that is a little bit slow for his age but Daddy always advised to give him sometime to improve cause every toddler progress differently. Here are some of the words that he has mastered and loves to say.
  • 没有
  • 爸爸
  • 爷爷
  • 婆婆
  • 很臭
  • 很大
  • di di (a bit in Cantonese)
  • jii (spray in Cantonese)
  • 很多
  • bear bear (the way he call me instead of Mommy, slapped forehead)
  • kai kai (go shopping in Cantonese)
  • mum mum (eat)
  • 叔叔
  • 姊姊
  • 哥哥
  • 弟弟
  • fish
  • monkey
  • dog
  • cat
  • mouse
  • cow
  • lo gong (imitates me calling my hubby)
  • star
  • lizard
  • cockroach
  • 惊惊 & 怕怕
  • no
  • one, two, three, four & five
  • 一, 二
  • ball
  • balloon
  • clown
  • bye-bye (saying with action)
  • fire-truck
  • dump truck
  • car
  • motor (for motorcycle)
  • stop

Of course there are more words that he can recognize but just yet to pronounce it out.

  • Can recognized most of the body parts and able to point them out confidently when asked.
  • Can recognized all the shapes and able to drop it into the shapes sorter correctly all by his own.
  • Memory skill has definitely improved as he able to look for those hidden pictures when asked.
  • Always took the initiative to mix around with other kids, either boys or girls and never shy away from crowds.
  • Loves to imitate what other kids do and also what we, adults say.
Since he started attending classes at MusikGarten approximately three months ago, he is now able to follow most of the instructions given by teacher during the class using various types of musical instruments and just to name a few, there are the finger cymbals, triangles, wooden frog drum (if I have got the name correctly), finger castanets, two-tone wood sounder, rhythm sticks, jingles, rattles, drums, resonator bars (this is one of Kit boy's favourite) and etc.

Almost everything that we eat except for spicy food. However, still taking porridge twice a day for lunch and dinner besides 4 times milk. Always preferred veggies more than meat especially cauliflowers, green beans and broccoli, even ladies finger. For fruits, he loves gold kiwi.

Food Supplement
  • Kordel's Kids Vitamin C 250mg
  • Appeton Multivitamin with Lysine


  1. *shy* ethan is turning 3 tomorrow and he is hardly 90cm!!!!

  2. He is heavy! I just realized that your boy is 1 month older than my 3rd daughter ... and she's only 10.2kg :(

  3. Merryn: Ya...according to paed, his height is slightly above average.

  4. Health Freak Mommy: Hi, first of all, thanks for dropping by my blog.

    OIC, but I think the most important is that they are healthy, a little under weight should be ok.

  5. He progress very well!! Don't worry about the speech part, he is slowly picking up. Glad to know he is not a picky eater... very good!

  6. Serene: Quite picky too sometimes especially when comes to meat.

  7. He loves veges huh..that's good. Gwen too loves greens and she doesn't quite like meat.

    Kit boy is growing up very well and he knows alot of words too. Keep it up. :)

  8. Kit Boy doing great! Must teach him to eat nasi lemak and laksa also....LOL!

  9. It's good to let Kit Boy learn music at young age! XJ loves gold kiwi too. He eats half after meal :-)

  10. Mummy Gwen: I'm trying to talk to him more nowadays, hopefully he'll learn more words and can start combine into sentences very soon.

  11. Pete: hahahaha ..nasi lemak and asam laksa...this got to get his Daddy to train him joh cos I also very de 'cha', cannot take spicy food wan. really paiseh, being a Malaysian but cannot take 'hot'.

  12. Dora: Ya...kiwi is very good fruit that contains more Vit C than many other fruits, even oranges.

  13. Prince n Princess Mum: What to do...I'm a very forgetful person, so the only way is to jot everything down in detail loh..:P

  14. So cute lah he...call his daddy like how you called. And called you as "bear2". I wonder why yeah? :-)

    Kit also attending Musikgarten? And so nice that he can play so many types of musical instruments.
    As for Sarah's class, so far she is playing more like Hoop, balls, bean bags and etc.
    Of course she also got the chance to play some musical instruments but not as many as Kit's school.

    Same goes to Sarah. She also prefer vege, soup than meat. Sometimes I gotto think of a way to include meat into her meal.

  15. Sarah's Daddy and Mommy: Ya..I also have got no idea why he kept calling me bear2 instead of mommy despite many times I teach him to call me mommy.(slapped forehead).


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