We visited this Malaysia International Book Fair, Read Malaysia 2010 for the very first time at MIECC despite it was held annually. Many booths were set up during this 10 days event selling various types of reading materials with some at very good price.

We reached MIECC about 4:00pm and after a mere 3 hours, Mommy managed to 'hunt' and grabbed the following books for little Kit boy.

Giant (A3) size chinese story books @ RM10.oo for 4

Chinese workbooks @ 40% - 好宝宝走迷宫

Chinese workbooks - 好宝宝连线 (No. 1-10 & No. 1-20)

Chinese workbooks - 好宝宝连线 (A-Z)

Animal Friends sticker books

Chinese story books (5-6 short stories in each book)

And Daddy got this for himself too

If I have a chance to go again before it ends on the 13th of June, I will make sure going there as early as possible in order to have more time to grab more books.


  1. Smallkucing: very cheap price too :D

  2. Prince n Princess Mum: Yes..very nice books. These are all from China. Hardly find it at our local bookstore here.

  3. Aiyor~!! I miss the book fair! My girl Juan Juan loves to solve maze and follow the dotted line to bits, wonder how much the disccounted price after the 40% offer? I usually get the cheapest at RM2.50(without any promotion) and the most expensive I could afford at RM3.99 from Carrefour. T-T

    Happy weekend to you!

  4. many good books. These Chinese books are good. Too bad I can't read Chinese.

  5. Alice Law: I can't really remembered the exact price for each and every one of them but these books were range from RM4.90-RM6.00 per book, so after 40%, is around there also.

    Btw, may I know where do you get RM2.50 per book even no promotion? That was cheap. So, I don't need to wait for fairs to get this price.

  6. Mummy Gwen: Heheheheh..I also a half 'Banana Mommy'. Why half? Cos I'm not chinese educated but learned a bit here and there from my parents. Pre-Nursery standard...:P

  7. at least you're half banana... better than me, full banana mommy!! btw, how much is the sticker book?

  8. Wonderful Life: I don quite remember, but was around RM4.00-RM5.00 after discount. In this book, kids are require to stick the head, legs, eyes and etc onto the body accordingly. Quite interesting.

  9. the books are interesting and very affordable too :D i should get more chinese books for ashley :D Does Kit boy like them?

  10. Wow, so many books! I seldom go to book store nowadays... *shame*

  11. Mommy to Chumsy: I only introduced to him those giant size story books cos I think is still too early to show him the workbooks at this point of time.

    Ya...he loves it when I read to him those few stories and kept asking me to repeat and repeat the same story.

  12. Serene: No lah. No shame lah. Understood. Heheheh. Later after yr confinement, can go and get even more books for both XiXi and little baby.


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