From the title of this post, I believed that most of you might be thinking that we have gone to KL Tower. No. Is just that our boy has 'built' the highest 'tower' in his record .

(photo taken on the next morning, that's why the 'tower' is not that obvious)

Well, according to 爷爷, Kit boy was actually sitting on the floor waiting for his Daddy to pick him up and 爷爷 was with him in the living room. But then out of a sudden, this little fella stood up and started turning rounds. All this while he loves to do that despite having us keep telling him 'NO' but this was the first time that he lost his balance and felt right in front of the altars. Immediately, 爷爷 asked 小姑姐 to send them to the nearest clinic (cos Dr. Yek's clinic is not open on Tuesday).

I still don't notice it when they came back until Daddy asked Kit boy to show me something and immediately, I knew something is not right. Really got a shock to see his new 'building'. But then this little fella was again climbing up and down just like nothing has happened. (slap forehead).

No medicine was given to Kit boy despite the doctor has prescribed the following syrup mainly because it contains Analgesic which is a form of painkiller as Mommy strongly against toddler taking any form of painkillers unless really necessary even though it is suitable for children and Daddy also totally agreed with me.


  1. oh dear.. poor boy... *hugs* mummy must kiss kiss many many times to soothe the pain away ok?

  2. Prince n Princess Mum: Thanks. As at today, already fully recovered and the blue-black also gone.

  3. Merryn: Mana ada kiss kiss? Wanna scold some more cos this little fella still climbing up and down after that as if nothing had happened while Mommy already half-dead looking at the Tower and chasing after him just to apply the medicine.

  4. Ouch..pain pain. Kiss kiss back!!

  5. Mommy Ling: Hug hug only nia..no kiss kiss, cos every time wanted to kiss him, tis little fella will say 'chou chou'. (slapped forehead)


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