Despite the fact that on-line businesses are growing very rapidly in the internet market around the world for many years but I have never tried buying anything from these on-line stores due to whatever reasons until I gave birth to my little boy. I started browsing through certain on-line sites selling baby products that are strongly recommended by my friends and I happened to make my first order somewhere last year. Since then, I love to go for on-line shopping which actually save a lot of my precious time and slowly move on from buying baby stuffs to books and even dresses for myself. However, being a ‘kiasi’ mummy, I still preferred to buy from those trustworthy on-line stores with good testimonial from their customers and one of them would be Irenelim Fashion which I will never hesitate to place my order at any point of time.

They are one of the well-known on-line boutiques in Malaysia selling various types of fashionable ladies wears. Just to name a few, they have very elegant dresses, smart office wears and jackets, matching handbags and many more. And here are some of Mommy favorites. (I hope Daddy is reading this post..hehehe)

For your information, besides all those attractive offers and discounts, they are also running a very interesting promotion now giving out FREE DRESSES mainly to bloggers and also website owners. FREE, so better act fast while stock last..heheheheh and good luck to all my blogger friends.


  1. Smallkucing: I like their blouses, not so much on dresses cos I don wear skirts :p

  2. irenelim fashion is hit in blogging.. :)

  3. Prince N Princess Mum: Ya..maybe due to their free dresses promotion that attracts many bloggers.

  4. LOL! Looks like it's Irenelim fashion fever everywhere! Wish you luck and a happy weekend!^-^


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