27 JUNE 2010, SUNDAY

Came to know about this interesting event from one of my colleagues and also got further information on the programs from this ever active Mommy. As Daddy is now in Bandung, Indonesia attending a conference and will be back only this afternoon, Mommy will have to bring Kit boy to join this event without him.

After having our breakfast at Section 17, PJ, we then proceed straight to 1 Utama and arrived at about 10:05am. When going to all these major and 'ever crowded' shopping malls, Mommy always planned to go as early as possible mainly to avoid those traffic jam and also the earlier the easier to get a parking space.

Before going in to the event area, Mommy rented a kiddie cabby for Kit boy in order to keep him occupied especially when Daddy is not here to chase after him. Upon registration, we were given an activity card which will be stamped after completing each and every one of those activities organized for the kids. We started off with the first activity in the list which is Bowling by Numbers. Kit boy was asked to choose a number card and then to bowl at the correct lane.

We got our activity card stamped and moved on to the next one which is Music Matcher, a test on musical recognition. Kit boy was asked to listen and select the correct musical instrument by pressing on the giant buttons.

The next activity was Tumbling Tower. Can you see how obvious the two 哥哥 (Abbott staffs) is helping Kit boy to pass this test by holding on to the "Tower" so that it will not tumble down while Kit boy pulls out the brick?

After the Tumbling Tower, we went on for the third challenge, which is the Colour Maker whereby Kit boy is supposed to match some colors and to come out with a new one in an experiment of color recognition plus creativity.

We then moved on to the Memory Maze. He loves this very much and was going in and out of the maze for so many times.

And last but not least, Mommy will have to sit in for their nutrition briefing at the Research Centre to get the final stamp before proceeding to the photography session.

Kit boy got his ever first gold medal for completing and passing through all the challenges despite some were with great helps from the kind Abbott staffs.

We left the Abbott Eye Q-lympix event area at about 11:15am, just in time for us to catch up with Elmo and Cookie Monster appearance at 11:30am. But then upon reaching the 'When Elmo Grows Up' live show ticket promotion booth, Kit boy was so reluctant to go in and started shaking his head when Mommy asked if he wanted to meet up with Elmo..(slapped head). So ended up we left the area even before the appearance of these characters. However, Mommy still managed to fill up a Lucky Draw contest form for free entrance tickets to their coming live show in September 2010. For your information, Elmo and friends will be here at Stadium Putra, Bukit Jalil for a live show from 03 September 2010 to 05 September 2010 and for those die-hard fans of Sesame Street, tickets are now on sale.

Besides these two major events running in 1 Utama New Wing, there were also others on-going road shows and one of them that attracts my boy's attention very much was the mini football field for kids by Digi on their current promotion inconjunction with World Cup 2010.

Looking at how he enjoyed himself with those footballs, Mommy really wished that we could stayed a little bit longer but unfortunately we can't mainly due to Daddy's flight will be touching down at about 12:00pm and we need to be back home before 2:00pm, failing which, poor Daddy will have to stand under the hot sun.

We had our lunch at Restoran Pao xiang Bah Kut Teh and left 1 Utama after we have returned the Kiddie cabby to the service counter.


  1. LOL Kitboy so active :D

    Kesian the daddy have to miss out on the fun. But at least mummy took a lot of photos la :D

  2. Smallkucing: Ya..Daddy kept asking how Kit boy got the gold medal and instead of telling him, I asked him to read my post..heheheheh.


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