16 MAY 2010, SUNDAY

Attended the Nutrition Month Malaysia 2010 carnival recently held in Mid Valley Exhibition Centre. Only a few companies participated in this two days event and to name a few, there were Nestle, Yakult, Gardenia, Maggie and Dutch Lady. As usual, there were games and also food sampling for visitors. Attractive goodie bags were given out to those who have either completed all the games or finished trying out their food sampling.

Food sampling

The 'Q' for collecting the goodie bag
... and the goodie bag given by Nestle


  1. I see gila coffee one

  2. smallkucing: me, last time no fancy coffee but after gave birth to my naughty boy, I can't work without a cup of coffee, at least a cup to keep me awake.

  3. I'm back, thanks for dropping by My Little Sprouts and your warm regards! My girl Juan Juan has fully recovered since yesterday; my boy just discharged from the hospital, he is doing well now! Thanks you! I really appreciate it!:)

    Please enjoy your weekend!

  4. Alice Law: You're welcome. I'm so happy to hear this good news from you. You too, take care.

  5. Wow..nice goodie bag. I'm not a coffee lover though. Is Kit boy trying to grab something? Hehe.

  6. seems you attended many exhibitions..syiok many goodies.

  7. Mummy Gwen: I'm not a coffee lover too last time, but now, at least a cup a day., Kit boy was actually dropping the paper cup into the dustbin.

  8. Mommy Ling: heheheheh...kiasu mommy, what to do heheheh :P. but sometimes I do learn a thing or two from these exhibitions. and I think is also good for Kit boy to explore.

  9. wow. u oso attend tis Nutrition months. I unable make it on the day , sob sob....
    Hope nextime can join tis. nice goodies
    Ya, Mummy, tq to drop by my blog, im very love to join the activities and event for kids. Nextime we can meet up :)
    do u hav FB?, add me ya

  10. Nicole: You're welcome. Actually, I hv been following your blog for quite some time already. hehehe. FB..ya sure, will send you a request later cos I'm unable to access to FB in office. Btw, I hv also add you in to my blog list. Hope you don't mind..hehehhe.:P

    ya..I loves to attend exhibitions and participate in events that relating to kids hopefully can learn something new. Good idea, surely can meet up one day.


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